Online shopping is huge in Taiwan. From clothes to electronics and even food, there is nothing you cannot buy in one of the many online shops and have it delivered to your doorstep or a nearby convenience store.

Some Taiwanese online shops also delivery internationally, which makes Taiwanese products available to you, no matter where you live.

If a shop doesn’t ship to your country, you can use a shopping agent/forwarder to deliver it to your address outside Taiwan.

In this post, we’re looking at the most popular Taiwanese e-commerce platforms that sell a variety of products, from fashion and cosmetics to electronics and books.

No. 1: Shopee Taiwan

Well, Shopee is huge in Asia and Taiwan is no exception! With an estimated 52 million monthly users this site is by far the most visited e-commerce site of Taiwan.
Unfortunately, there is no English version and sellers on Shopee generally don’t ship outside of Taiwan. If you live outside Taiwan and want to purchase goods from Shopee Taiwan, you can use our Two Tree Team Shopping Agent Service.

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No. 2: Ruten Auctions

Despite the name, the offers of Ruten Auctions are not limited to auctions and used items. In its current form, it could be described as the ebay of Taiwan. In fact, Ruten is a joint-venture between e-commerce giants PChome (TW) and ebay (US). An estimated 30 million people access Ruten every month.
Customers outside Taiwan cannot use Ruten easily because it requires a Taiwanese ID and shipping is only available within Taiwan. However, you can use a proxy service to order from it.

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No. 3: Momo Shopping

With almost the same amount of monthly users (29 million) as Ruten, Momo Shopping comes in a close third. Its target audience is female shoppers, including items from household goods to clothes, cosmetics and pretty much anything else you would find in a large department store.
This online shop too, does not offer their service to an english speaking audience, not do they ship abroad. But don’t worry if you don’t live in Taiwan: a international shopping agent can help.

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No. 4: PChome 24h Shopping

Looking for Amazon Prime in Taiwan? Well, PChome 24h shopping is the closest you will get to that (unless you order from Amazon US which is also possible). 18 million monthly users shop on this B2C platform. There is also a global site in English, for customers abroad, though it has much less products on offer than the Taiwanese version. If you don’t mind waiting more than a day for delivery within Taiwan, you can also check out the regular PChome portal with even more products.

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No. 5: (博客來)

This Taiwanese online shopping site has come a long way since its beginnings as online book store. You can now also purchase DVDs, event tickets and even household items and electronics on it. While most of the site is in Chinese, you can make it show the most important parts in English by selecting the language in the top menu. Another great thing about this site is that it ships overseas! At least to most East Asian countries plus Australia, New Zealand and the US!


No. 6: Yahoo Auction Taiwan

Similar to Ruten and also Shopee, Yahoo Auctions Taiwan is a popular C2C platform with 14 million monthly users. There are plenty of “buy now” offers but you will be looking for an English version of the site in vain. Yahoo also runs a regular shopping mall site called Yahoo Shopping.
The Two Tree Team Shopping Agent Service helps with ordering and shipping abroad.

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No. 7: Rakuten Taiwan

The Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is also active in Taiwan, and you can purchase pretty much anything from its shopping portal. The great thing about Rakuten is that if you ever registered for a Rakuten in another country, you can use the same username and password on Rakuten Taiwan! This makes the shopping experience much smoother, even if you have to use a automatic translation to convert the site to English (e.g. built-in tool in Chrome).

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These are just the most popular 7 online shopping sites in Taiwan. Of course, there are many more virtual shopping malls! Check out for example Carousell or Pinkoi.

Sources: User statistics are from April 2020 as retrieved from Similarweb by T10P.

Note: As Amazon Associates we, the Two Tree Team, earn from qualifying purchases on Amazon.