Taiwan Shopping Agent Service

by Two Tree Team

Taiwan Shopping Service

You want to buy something from Taiwan but can’t complete the process yourself?

We’re here to help!


You can use our service as shopping agent, proxy bidding agent or parcel forwarder for Taiwanese shops and brands.

No matter if you want to order fashion items, magazines, electronics, gadgets, tickets, stickers, anime merchandise or anything else – we can buy it for you and ship it to your address abroad. 




Taiwanese online shops we can purchase from


Other online shops

Offline shops

  • eslite
  • Studio Ghibli Store – Donguri Republic
  • Taipei 101 Shopping Mall
  • Boutiques and shops in and around Taipei…let us know what you are looking for!

Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you want to buy from a shop that is not listed.

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Buying Process

  1. We receive your request and send you a quote.
  2. You make a payment for the item(s) to buy (through Paypal/credit card).
  3. We proceed with the purchase and keep you updated about the process.
  4. Your item(s) are shipped and you receive the tracking code from us.

※ Note: if the total shipping cost are difficult to estimate for your order, we will calculate them after receiving the item(s). Of course, you will be informed about this before making any payments.

Service Fees

In addition to the item price, shipping from seller to us and shipping cost to you, we charge the following fees:

  1. Service fee: 20% of total purchase value including shipping cost (minimum of NT$ 800 per purchase)
    ※ For offline purchases, we might charge an additional fee for our time
    ※ If you order from more than two sellers, an additional NT$ 150 per seller is added (excluding first two sellers)
  2. Paypal payment fee: 5% of total amount of each transaction

Fee Calculation Example

3 video games that cost NT$ 800 each: NT$ 2,400
Shipping to us: NT$ 60
Shipping cost from us to you: NT$ 445 (depends on destination, weight and volume)
Service fee: NT$ 800 (20% of the above costs, or NT$ 800, whichever is higher)

Subtotal: NT$ 3,705
Paypal fee: NT$ 185
Total cost: NT$ 3,890

Why Choose Our Taiwan Shopping Service?

Our mission is to connect Taiwan and people in other countries.
Thus, we’re more than happy to help you obtain products from Taiwanese shops.
We provide the same personal service for every one of our customers whether the order is for US$10 or US$500.
If you have any questions about our shopping service, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get a free estimate here (questions welcome):