Taiwan Shopping Agent Service

Are you looking for a shopping agent, proxy bidding agent or parcel forwarder for Taiwanese shops and brands?

We can buy from any Taiwanese online shop,


Our Fees

We handle all the logistics from creating an estimate, communicating with the seller, buying and storing your purchases, as well as repackaging and shipping them to you.

For this, we charge a Service Fee:

TWD 700 (approx. US$ 25)
if the total purchase value* is smaller than TWD 3,500 (US$ 125)

» To celebrate our reopening,the minimum fee will be
TWD 550 (approx. US$ 20) for the whole of October 2021! «


20% of total purchase value*
if total purchase value is larger than TWD 3,500 (US$ 125)

Total purchase value = Cost of products + cost of shipping from shop to us

Additional cost to consider

» Shipping cost – depends on the shipping method you choose

» Paypal fee – 4.6% of the final amount (this is charged to us by Paypal)

» Other irregular cost – while the above usually includes everything, some products might make it necessary to use additional/special packaging, be picked up in person, etc. We make sure to communicate such cost to you as soon as we know about them.

How it works, step by step:

1. You create an free account in our User Portal.

2. Within your account, create a Quote Request, then add products to it and submit your request.

3. We create a free cost estimate (quote) including shipping cost options and send it to you by email.

4. You check our offer and decide which shipping option you prefer.

5. We send you a payment link (credit card/Paypal accepted).

6. We proceed with the purchase and keep you updated about the process.

7. Once your item(s) are shipped, you will receive a tracking code from us.

Then it’s just a few more days until you hold your items in your hands!

How to request a free estimate (Quote)



⇒ Create a free account in our user portal

⇒ Create a quote request

⇒ Add products (link, URL, etc.) to your request

⇒ Submit