Taiwan Shopping Agent Service

Are you looking for a shopping agent, proxy bidding agent or parcel forwarder for Taiwanese shops and brands?

We can buy from any Taiwanese online shop!

For example:



We handle all the logistics from creating an estimate, communicating with the seller, buying and storing your purchases, as well as repackaging and shipping them to you.

For this, we charge a Service Fee as well as a Seller Fee:

 Scenario A: Total Purchase Value below TWD 4,500
Service fee:
TWD 900 (approx. USD 30)
Seller fee: TWD 90 (approx. USD 3) per individual seller/shop

Scenario B: Total Purchase Value above TWD 4,500
Service fee: 20% of Total Purchase Value
Seller fee: TWD 90 (approx. USD 3) per individual seller/shop

Additional cost to consider

» Shipping cost – depends on the shipping method you choose

» PayPal fee – 4.6% of the final amount

» Storage fee – your purchases can be kept in our storage for 30 days after the last item of your order has arrived (starting from the date of our notification email). After that, we may charge a storage fee of TWD 150 (approx. USD 5) per day for every additional day. Note: In some cases, storage for more than 30 days might not be possible (e.g. large items)

» Customs duties and taxes – these might be charged to you by your local customs authorities. These charges can be expensive, so please check your local customs regulations before contacting us, in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

» Other irregular cost – while the above usually includes everything, some products might make it necessary to use additional/special packaging, be picked up in person, etc. We make sure to communicate such cost to you as soon as we know about them.

» Wrapping service – Wrapping as present is available upon request.

How it works, step by step:

1. Create a free account in our User Portal.

2. Within your account, create a “Quote Request” and add products to it. Finally, click on the submit button for the request to be sent to us.

3. We send you a free cost estimate (Quote) for the products, as well as estimates of different shipping options.

4. If you accept our offer, we will send you a PayPal invoice (credit card payment possible) by email.

5. After receiving your payment, we proceed with the purchase.

6. Once we have received all your items, we will consolidate them and calculate the shipping cost options.

7. After receiving your shipping payment, we will ship your items and send you the tracking code.

Then it’s just a few more days until you hold your items in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the “Total Purchase Value” calculated (from Service Fee calculation)?
Answer: Cost of the products + cost of shipping from seller/shop to us.

How is the “Seller Fee” calculated?
Answer: If you order one or more products from one single online shop or seller on a site such as Shopee, this fee will be TWD 90 (approx. USD 3). However, if the products are ordered from more than one seller or shop, this fee will be TWD 90 for each of those sellers or shops.

Can I add more products to my order after submitting my quote request, or even after I ordered?
Answer: Yes, you can ask for more products to be added, if we are still processing your previously ordered items. After we have shipped your parcel, any additional requests will be processed as a new order. Keep in mind that we charge a storage fee if you don’t have your products shipped to you within 30 days.

I sent a quote request more than 72 hours ago, but haven’t received a quote yet. Is my request being processed?
Answer: First, please check if you have received anything into your spam/junk folder of your inbox. If you have not received the automatic confirmation email after submitting the quote request, there might be a problem. Please contact us here in that case.

Can you tell me the shipping cost?
Answer: We cannot tell you exactly how much it will cost before we have the products in hand.
The shipping cost depend on many factors such as the size (dimensions), weight, value (for insurance), shipping carrier, speed, etc.
In our quote, we will send you a rough estimate for various shipping options, but the final shipping cost can only be determined after we have received the products you ordered and have re-packaged them.
Note: Depending on the size and weight of the products, they might have to be split into multiple parcels.

Which shipping options do you offer?
Answer: We can ship by couriers such as FedEx and/or SF Express, as well as Postal Service (EMS and/or Air Mail) to most countries. Other shipping methods such as surface mail (postal service by ship) are available on a case by case basis.

Do you offer tracking of the parcel?
Answer: Yes, all packages are tracked, and we will send you the tracking link/code in our shipping confirmation.

Can you ship to XYZ (country)?
Answer: We can ship to most countries, but some shipping options are currently not available for certain countries. Please inquire by sending a free quote request (see below).

Do you handle freight shipping/container shipments?
Answer: If you send us a quote request, we can check within our partner network.

Are customs taxes and duties included in the price?
Answer: As importer, you will be responsible for any cost related to customs clearance. In practice, this means that your local customs authorities might ask you to pay taxes/duties/handling fee depending on the value of the products. These charges can be expensive, so please check your local customs regulations before contacting us, in order to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Can you declare the shipment as “gift” and/or declare a lower customs value?
Answer: Sorry, we have to declare all packages as “merchandise” and cannot undervalue the customs value.

How long will it take until you can ship the products?
Answer: In most cases, we receive the products within 1-2 weeks of us ordering them (unless it is not a pre-order item). Delays are not uncommon, though; some sellers are slow to respond to inquiries, others have the products shipped to Taiwan from another country. Therefore, we can’t promise or guarantee any specific shipping date.

How can I ask other questions?
Answer: It is usually best if you send us a free quote request first (see below). Then we have all the necessary information to answer your question as well as possible.