When sending money to a Taiwanese bank account, you will not only need the account number of the recipient, but some additional information. This will likely include the bank code, the branch code and – if you are making an international wire transfer – the SWIFT code.

What you will not need is an IBAN number, since Taiwanese banks are not part of the IBAN system.

Below we have compiled lists of the mentioned codes and you can use the search function at the top of each table to find the bank or branch you are looking for.

Bank Codes

Every Taiwanese bank has a specific 3-digit Bank Code (銀行代碼) which you will need if you want to transfer money to or from it. The number can usually also be found on the passbook of the bank account.

English Bank NameChinese Bank NameBank Code 銀行代碼
Agricultural Bank of Taiwan全國農業金庫018
ANZ Taiwan澳盛(台灣)銀行039
Bangkok Bank泰國盤谷銀行023
Bank of America美國銀行022
Bank of East Asia東亞銀行075
Bank of Kaohsiung高雄銀行016
Bank of Panshin板信商業銀行118
Bank of Taiwan臺灣銀行004
Bank SinoPac永豐銀行807
BNP Paribas Taiwan法國巴黎銀行082
Cathay United Bank國泰世華銀行013
Chang Hwa Bank彰化銀行009
Chinatrust Commercial Bank中國信託822
Chunghwa Post (Post Office)中華郵政700
Citibank Taiwan花旗(台灣)銀行021
COTA Commercial Bank三信商業銀行147
Crédit Agricole CIB法國東方匯理銀行086
DBS Taiwan星展(台灣)銀行810
Deutsche Bank德意志銀行073
E.Sun Bank玉山銀行808
EnTie Bank安泰商業銀行816
Far Eastern International Bank遠東國際商業銀行805
First Bank第一銀行007
Fubon Financial台北富邦銀行012
HSBC Taiwan匯豐(台灣)銀行081
Hua Nan Bank華南銀行008
Hwatai Bank華泰銀行102
JihSun Bank日盛國際商業銀行815
KGI Bank凱基銀行809
King’s Town Bank京城商銀054
Land Bank of Taiwan土地銀行005
Mega International Commercial Bank兆豐國際商業銀行017
Mizuho Bank Taiwan瑞穗銀行020
Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank上海商業儲蓄銀行011
Shin Kong Bank臺灣新光商業銀行103
Standard Chartered渣打商業銀行052
Sunny Bank陽信銀行108
Taichung Bank台中商業銀行053
Taipei Star Bank瑞興銀行101
Taishin International Bank台新銀行812
Taiwan Business Bank臺灣企銀050
Taiwan Cooperative Bank合作金庫銀行006
Union Bank of Taiwan聯邦銀行803
Yuanta Bank元大銀行806

Source: E.SUN Bank

Branch Codes

When you transfer money from or to a Taiwanese bank account, you may need the Wire Transfer Branch Code (分支代號). This is usually a 4-digit number. It should not be confused with the 3-digit bank code. With the exception of the Taiwan Post Bank (Chunghwa Post) branches, different bank branches have their own codes.

Finding the correct branch code is more difficult. If you can’t ask your bank, you can also find it on the website of Financial Information Service Co. (though this particular information only available in Chinese).

SWIFT Codes / BIC Codes

A SWIFT code is a routing number which is used by banks (and also some large corporations) for transferring money between them. It is usually required when making international transfers. Each bank branch has its own unique SWIFT code (also called BIC Code) which consists of either eight or eleven characters (numbers and letters).

Below, we have collected the SWIFT codes of most Taiwanese institutions which have one.

BankBranchCitySWIFT Code
Acumen Securities Co Ltd-TaichungACUSTWT1XXX
Agricultural Bank of Taiwan-TaipeiAGBTTWTPXXX
Aia International Limited Taiwan Branch-TaipeiAIACTWTPXXX
Aia International Limited Taiwan BranchGeneral Investment OperationsTaipeiAIACTWT1GIO
ANZ Bank (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiANZBTWTPXXX
Audi Taiwan-TaipeiAUTWTWT1XXX
Baan Shinn Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiBASRTWT1XXX
Bae-Nian Securities Co Ltd-Miao LiBANUTWT1XXX
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A-TaipeiBBVATWTPXXX
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited-KaohsiungBKKBTWT10TK
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Taipei Branch-TaichungBKKBTWT10TH
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Taipei BranchOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiBKKBTWTPOBU
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Taipei Branch-TaipeiBKKBTWTPXXX
Bank of America, N.A. TaipeiOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiBOFATW2XGRA
Bank of America, N.A. TaipeiTaipei Offshore Banking BranchTaipeiBOFATW2XTOB
Bank of America, N.A. Taipei-TaipeiBOFATW2XXXX
Bank of China Limited Taipei BranchRmb Clearing CenterTaipeiBKCHTWTP888
Bank of China Limited Taipei BranchBank Of China Offshore Banking UnitTaipeiBKCHTWTPOBU
Bank of China Limited Taipei Branch-TaipeiBKCHTWTPXXX
Bank of Communications, Taipei Branch-TaipeiCOMMTWTPXXX
Bank of KaohsiungHsin Chu BranchHsinchuBKAOTWTK234
Bank of KaohsiungBusiness DepartmentKaohsiungBKAOTWTK101
Bank of KaohsiungHsiao-Kang BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWTK210
Bank of KaohsiungNantze BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWTK218
Bank of KaohsiungOffshore Banking BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWTKOBU
Bank of Kaohsiung-KaohsiungBKAOTWTKXXX
Bank of KaohsiungGangshan- Benjhou BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWT1103
Bank of KaohsiungChien-Chin BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWT1202
Bank of KaohsiungSan-Min BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWT1203
Bank of KaohsiungChienchen BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWT1212
Bank of KaohsiungMin-Cheng BranchKaohsiungBKAOTWT1240
Bank of KaohsiungBanciao BranchNew Taipei CityBKAOTWTK224
Bank of KaohsiungChung Ho BranchNew Taipei CityBKAOTWTK237
Bank of KaohsiungTai Chung BranchTaichungBKAOTWTK229
Bank of KaohsiungTai-Nan BranchTainanBKAOTWTK225
Bank of KaohsiungTa Chih BranchTaipeiBKAOTWTK228
Bank of KaohsiungTaipei BranchTaipeiBKAOTWTK238
Bank of KaohsiungPo Ai BranchTaipeiBKAOTWTK245
Bank of KaohsiungTao Yuan BranchTao-YuanBKAOTWTK211
Bank of KaohsiungZhongli BranchTao-YuanBKAOTWTK222
Bank of PanhsinMinsheng BranchTaipeiBBBKTWTP035
Bank of Panhsin-TaipeiBBBKTWTPXXX
Bank of TaiwanChanghua BranchChanghuaBKTWTWTP016
Bank of TaiwanLukang BranchChanghuaBKTWTWTP143
Bank of TaiwanChiayi BranchChiayiBKTWTWTP014
Bank of TaiwanTai Pao BranchChiayiBKTWTWTP067
Bank of TaiwanChiabei BranchChiayiBKTWTWTP154
Bank of TaiwanJianan BranchChiayiBKTWTWTP252
Bank of TaiwanChungho BranchChunghoBKTWTWTP066
Bank of TaiwanChungli BranchChungliBKTWTWTP041
Bank of TaiwanFengshan BranchFengshanBKTWTWTP025
Bank of TaiwanFengyuan BranchFengyuanBKTWTWTP030
Bank of TaiwanHsinchu BranchHsinchuBKTWTWTP015
Bank of TaiwanScience-Based Industrial Park BranchHsinchuBKTWTWTP073
Bank of TaiwanPeitalu BranchHsinchuBKTWTWTP164
Bank of TaiwanLioujia BranchHsinchuBKTWTWTP248
Bank of TaiwanJhubei BranchHsinchuBKTWTWTP068
Bank of TaiwanHsinchuang BranchHsinchuangBKTWTWTP071
Bank of TaiwanNan Hsinchuang BranchHsinchuangBKTWTWTP245
Bank of TaiwanXinzhuang Fuduxin BranchHsinchuangBKTWTWTP280
Bank of TaiwanHsinyin BranchHsinyinBKTWTWTP028
Bank of TaiwanHualien BranchHualienBKTWTWTP018
Bank of TaiwanNorth Hualien BranchHualienBKTWTWTP257
Bank of TaiwanI-Lan BranchI-LanBKTWTWTP022
Bank of TaiwanSu-Ao BranchI-LanBKTWTWTP089
Bank of TaiwanKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP011
Bank of TaiwanKaohsiung Export Processing ZoneKaohsiungBKTWTWTP021
Bank of TaiwanChienchen BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP044
Bank of TaiwanKusan BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP051
Bank of TaiwanKangshan BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP060
Bank of TaiwanHsingsing BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP061
Bank of TaiwanLinya BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP062
Bank of TaiwanSan Dou BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP082
Bank of TaiwanNantzeKaohsiungBKTWTWTP091
Bank of TaiwanDahchang BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP116
Bank of TaiwanWu Chia BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP118
Bank of TaiwanBo Ai BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP119
Bank of TaiwanChung Chuang BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP120
Bank of TaiwanHsiao Kang BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP159
Bank of TaiwanKaohsiung Airport BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP191
Bank of TaiwanKaohsiung Science Park BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP221
Bank of TaiwanGaorong BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP224
Bank of TaiwanNorth Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP255
Bank of TaiwanChenggong BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP256
Bank of TaiwanWufu BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP271
Bank of TaiwanRenwu BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP283
Bank of TaiwanSanmin BranchKaohsiungBKTWTWTP056
Bank of TaiwanKeelung BranchKeelungBKTWTWTP012
Bank of TaiwanKin-Men BranchKin-MenBKTWTWTP038
Bank of TaiwanMiao Li BranchMiao LiBKTWTWTP029
Bank of TaiwanMatsu BranchNan-Kan (Mat-Su)BKTWTWTP039
Bank of TaiwanChung-Hsin New Village BranchNantouBKTWTWTP013
Bank of TaiwanNantou BranchNantouBKTWTWTP032
Bank of TaiwanPuli BranchNantouBKTWTWTP059
Bank of TaiwanLiancheng BranchNew Taipei CityBKTWTWTP048
Bank of TaiwanXin Yonghe BranchNew Taipei CityBKTWTWTP244
Bank of TaiwanPanchiao BranchPanchiaoBKTWTWTP027
Bank of TaiwanPenghu BranchPenghuBKTWTWTP024
Bank of TaiwanPingtung BranchPingtungBKTWTWTP017
Bank of TaiwanChao Chou BranchPingtungBKTWTWTP088
Bank of TaiwanDonggang BranchPingtungBKTWTWTP155
Bank of TaiwanChungping BranchPingtungBKTWTWTP160
Bank of TaiwanPingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park BranchPingtungBKTWTWTP176
Bank of TaiwanSanchung BranchSanchungBKTWTWTP042
Bank of TaiwanTaichung BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP010
Bank of TaiwanWufeng BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP037
Bank of TaiwanTantzu BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP047
Bank of TaiwanFu Hsing BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP055
Bank of TaiwanTaichung Harbor BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP057
Bank of TaiwanChien Hsing BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP065
Bank of TaiwanTa-Chia BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP072
Bank of TaiwanLi Ming BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP079
Bank of TaiwanTaya OfficeTaichungBKTWTWTP090
Bank of TaiwanTaichung Ind. Park OfficeTaichungBKTWTWTP092
Bank of TaiwanShui Nan BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP109
Bank of TaiwanTa Li BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP136
Bank of TaiwanHsitwun BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP141
Bank of TaiwanWuchi BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP157
Bank of TaiwanTaiping BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP170
Bank of TaiwanDefang BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP171
Bank of TaiwanTaichung Science Park BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP220
Bank of TaiwanNorth Taichung BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP249
Bank of TaiwanChungdu BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP278
Bank of TaiwanTaichung International Airport BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP289
Bank of TaiwanTaichung Precision Machinery Park BranchTaichungBKTWTWTP290
Bank of TaiwanTainan BranchTainanBKTWTWTP009
Bank of TaiwanAn Ping BranchTainanBKTWTWTP040
Bank of TaiwanYung Kang BranchTainanBKTWTWTP081
Bank of TaiwanAn Nan BranchTainanBKTWTWTP137
Bank of TaiwanTainan Science-Based Industrial ParkTainanBKTWTWTP146
Bank of TaiwanRende BranchTainanBKTWTWTP227
Bank of TaiwanTainan Innovation And Research Park BranchTainanBKTWTWTP230
Bank of TaiwanNandu BranchTainanBKTWTWTP253
Bank of TaiwanLioujiading BranchTainanBKTWTWTP272
Bank of TaiwanDepartment Of BusinessTaipeiBKTWTWTP003
Bank of TaiwanGuancian BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP007
Bank of TaiwanDepartment Of TrustsTaipeiBKTWTWTP008
Bank of TaiwanYenping BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP019
Bank of TaiwanChungshan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP020
Bank of TaiwanNanmen BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP033
Bank of TaiwanKungkuan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP034
Bank of TaiwanPeitou BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP036
Bank of TaiwanChenchung BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP045
Bank of TaiwanMinchuan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP046
Bank of TaiwanSungchiang BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP050
Bank of TaiwanLungshan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP052
Bank of TaiwanChungshiaw BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP053
Bank of TaiwanSungshan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP064
Bank of TaiwanOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP069
Bank of TaiwanShihlin BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP070
Bank of TaiwanShu-Lin BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP074
Bank of TaiwanHsin Tien BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP075
Bank of TaiwanDepartment Of International BankingTaipeiBKTWTWTP076
Bank of TaiwanMin Sheng BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP080
Bank of TaiwanTaipei World Trade Center BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP085
Bank of TaiwanTa An BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP086
Bank of TaiwanHua Chiang BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP087
Bank of TaiwanTunhwa BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP106
Bank of TaiwanNankang BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP107
Bank of TaiwanHoping BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP108
Bank of TaiwanChunglun BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP110
Bank of TaiwanTucheng BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP111
Bank of TaiwanJen Ai BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP122
Bank of TaiwanYuan Shan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP124
Bank of TaiwanWu Ku BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP135
Bank of TaiwanTienmou BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP142
Bank of TaiwanTamsui BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP148
Bank of TaiwanTreasury DepartmentTaipeiBKTWTWTP151
Bank of TaiwanNeihu BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP153
Bank of TaiwanHsi Chih BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP156
Bank of TaiwanWenshan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP165
Bank of TaiwanLu Jhou BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP187
Bank of TaiwanTaipei Port BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP218
Bank of TaiwanDonghu BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP223
Bank of TaiwanNankang Software Park BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP225
Bank of TaiwanMuzha BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP229
Bank of TaiwanWuchang BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP236
Bank of TaiwanTaipei BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP238
Bank of TaiwanJinshan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP239
Bank of TaiwanSinan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP240
Bank of TaiwanJiantan BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP241
Bank of TaiwanWanhua BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP242
Bank of TaiwanBansin BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP243
Bank of TaiwanXinhu BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP270
Bank of TaiwanTaipei International Airport BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP279
Bank of TaiwanGlobal CustodyTaipeiBKTWTWTPCUS
Bank of TaiwanHead OfficeTaipeiBKTWTWTPHDO
Bank of Taiwan-TaipeiBKTWTWTPXXX
Bank of TaiwanHsinyi BranchTaipeiBKTWTWTP054
Bank of TaiwanTaitung BranchTaitungBKTWTWTP023
Bank of TaiwanTao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP026
Bank of TaiwanTaoyuan International Airport BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP115
Bank of TaiwanPing Chen BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP121
Bank of TaiwanNan-Kan BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP123
Bank of TaiwanNeili BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP144
Bank of TaiwanChien Kuo BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP172
Bank of TaiwanEast Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP186
Bank of TaiwanLongtan BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP226
Bank of TaiwanLinkou BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP228
Bank of TaiwanTaosing BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP246
Bank of TaiwanSinming BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP247
Bank of TaiwanTy Inno BranchTao-YuanBKTWTWTP297
Bank of TaiwanToufen BranchToufenBKTWTWTP043
Bank of TaiwanTouliu BranchTouliuBKTWTWTP031
Bank of TaiwanTzoyin BranchTzoyinBKTWTWTP035
Bank of TaiwanLou Tung BranchYilanBKTWTWTP058
Bank of TaiwanYuan-Lin BranchYuan-LinBKTWTWTP049
Bank of TaiwanHuwei BranchYunlinBKTWTWTP147
Bank SinopacHsinchu BranchHsinchuSINOTWTP018
Bank SinopacKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungSINOTWTP004
Bank SinopacTaichung BranchTaichungSINOTWTP003
Bank SinopacTainan BranchTainanSINOTWTP013
Bank SinopacShihmao BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP001
Bank SinopacTunpei BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP002
Bank SinopacChunghsiao BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP005
Bank SinopacHsisung BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP006
Bank SinopacTunnan BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP009
Bank SinopacOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP020
Bank SinopacCorporate Loan Operations CenterTaipeiSINOTWTP771
Bank Sinopac-TaipeiSINOTWTPXXX
Bank SinopacTaipei BranchTaipeiSINOTWTP021
Bank SinopacTaoyuan BranchTao-YuanSINOTWTP011
Bank SinopacChungli BranchTao-YuanSINOTWTP024
Bao-Hung Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiBHSETWT1XXX
Barclays Capital Securities Taiwan Limited-TaipeiBCSCTWT1XXX
Barclays De Zoete Wedd Asia International Ltd-TaipeiBZWLTWT1XXX
BAT Services Ltd-TaipeiBATSTW21XXX
BAT Taiwan Logistics Ltd-TaipeiBATSTWT1XXX
BNP Paribas Securities (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.-TaipeiBPSTTWT1XXX
BNP Paribas, Taipei BranchKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungBNPATWTPKAO
BNP Paribas, Taipei Branch-TaipeiBNPATWTPXXX
BPI International Finance Limited-TaipeiBPIITWT1XXX
Bridge Stone Securities Co., Ltd.-Ping-ChenBRSETWT1XXX
C.F. Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSEUITWT1XXX
Capital Securities Corporation-TaipeiSECCTWT1XXX
Capital Securities CorporationDa-An BranchTaipeiSECCTWT1001
Capital Securities CorporationDunhua BranchTaipeiSECCTWT1002
Castle Securities Broker Inc.-TainanCASKTWT1XXX
Cathay Life Insurance Co., LtdOiuTaipeiCTHYTWTPOIU
Cathay Life Insurance Co., LtdSgTaipeiCTHYTWTPSGL
Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd-TaipeiCTHYTWTPXXX
Cathay Securities Corporation-TaipeiCTSCTWT1XXX
Cathay Securities Investment Trust-TaipeiCSNUTWT1XXX
Cathay United BankChanghwa BranchChanghuaUWCBTWTP047
Cathay United BankChiayi BranchChiayiUWCBTWTP036
Cathay United Bank-ChungliUWCBTWTP022
Cathay United BankFongyuan BranchFengyuanUWCBTWTP035
Cathay United BankHsinchu BranchHsinchuUWCBTWTP040
Cathay United BankKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungUWCBTWTP005
Cathay United BankEast Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungUWCBTWTP014
Cathay United BankLingya BranchKaohsiungUWCBTWTP029
Cathay United BankChianjin BranchKaohsiungUWCBTWTP038
Cathay United BankHsinhsing BranchKaohsiungUWCBTWTP052
Cathay United Bank-KaohsiungTFITTWT10TK
Cathay United Bank-PanchiaoUWCBTWTP017
Cathay United BankSanchuang BranchSanchungUWCBTWTP021
Cathay United Bank-TaichungUWCBTWTP006
Cathay United BankWest Taichung BranchTaichungUWCBTWTP013
Cathay United BankChingshui BranchTaichungUWCBTWTP046
Cathay United BankWuchuan BranchTaichungUWCBTWTP050
Cathay United Bank-TaichungTFITTWT10TH
Cathay United Bank-TainanUWCBTWTP010
Cathay United BankYeongkong BranchTainanUWCBTWTP041
Cathay United BankChen Kung BranchTainanUWCBTWTP063
Cathay United BankNanking E. Road BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP003
Cathay United BankTrust DepartmentTaipeiUWCBTWTP004
Cathay United BankTaipei BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP007
Cathay United BankChungshiao BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP011
Cathay United BankTienmou BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP012
Cathay United BankHsinyi BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP015
Cathay United BankKuangfu BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP016
Cathay United BankFuhsin BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP018
Cathay United BankMinchuang BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP019
Cathay United BankDaan BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP020
Cathay United BankAnho BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP027
Cathay United BankSunjiang BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP028
Cathay United BankOffshore Banking UnitTaipeiUWCBTWTP033
Cathay United BankHsinsheng BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP044
Cathay United BankTunnan BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP053
Cathay United BankWorld Trade Center BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP065
Cathay United BankLabuan Offshore BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP602
Cathay United BankChu Lai BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP604
Cathay United BankFinance Division Treasury DepartmentTaipeiUWCBTWTP800
Cathay United BankLao P.D.R.TaipeiUWCBTWTPLAO
Cathay United Bank-TaipeiUWCBTWTPXXX
Cathay United BankSungshan BranchTaipeiUWCBTWTP037
Cathay United Bank-TaipeiTFITTWT1XXX
Cathay United BankTaoyuan BranchTao-YuanUWCBTWTP034
Cathay United BankYuanlin BranchYuan-LinUWCBTWTP023
Cathay United BankYungho BranchYunghoUWCBTWTP009
Central Bank of China Taipei-TaipeiCBCTTWTPXXX
Chan Yuan Stock Broker Corp-KeelungCYSBTWT1XXX
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Ba De BranchBa De CityCCBCTWTP577
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Changhwa BranchChanghuaCCBCTWTP600
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Lukang BranchChanghuaCCBCTWTP601
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yuanlin BranchChanghuaCCBCTWTP602
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Peitou BranchChanghuaCCBCTWTP604
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Talin BranchChiayiCCBCTWTP620
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chiayi BranchChiayiCCBCTWTP621
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung-Chiayi BranchChiayiCCBCTWTP622
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Chiayi BranchChiayiCCBCTWTP961
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chungho BranchChunghoCCBCTWTP564
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chungli BranchChungliCCBCTWTP571
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Chungli BranchChungliCCBCTWTP576
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chutung BranchChutung TownCCBCTWTP573
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Erlin BranchErlin TownshipCCBCTWTP609
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Fengyuan BranchFengyuanCCBCTWTP583
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hemei BranchHemei TownshipCCBCTWTP606
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsihu BranchHsihuCCBCTWTP603
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsinchu BranchHsinchuCCBCTWTP572
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park BranchHsinchuCCBCTWTP575
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Hsinchu BranchHsinchuCCBCTWTP962
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nan-Hsinchuang BranchHsinchuangCCBCTWTP549
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsinchuang BranchHsinchuangCCBCTWTP555
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei Hsin BranchHsintienCCBCTWTP562
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chicheng BranchHsintienCCBCTWTP965
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hualien BranchHualienCCBCTWTP840
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Ilan BranchI-LanCCBCTWTP420
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Suao BranchI-LanCCBCTWTP955
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Jhubei BranchJhubeiCCBCTWTP598
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Kangshan BranchKang ShanCCBCTWTP651
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Fengshan BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP652
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP811
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chi-Hsien BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP812
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yencheng BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP813
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP814
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nan-Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP815
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP816
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sanmin BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP817
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chanchen BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP819
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chiu-Ju Lu BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP820
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsinhsing BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP821
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Lingya BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP822
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Ta-Shun BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP823
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Po-Ai BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP824
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Zuoying BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP825
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Ta-Fa BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP934
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Luchu BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP954
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chienhsing BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP963
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chishan BranchKaohsiungCCBCTWTP650
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Keelung BranchKeelungCCBCTWTP410
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Jenai BranchKeelungCCBCTWTP411
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung-Keelung BranchKeelungCCBCTWTP412
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Linkou BranchLinkouCCBCTWTP968
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Longtan BranchLongtanCCBCTWTP542
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Lotung BranchLotungCCBCTWTP421
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nankan BranchLuchu HsiangCCBCTWTP579
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Miaoli BranchMiao LiCCBCTWTP574
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nantou BranchNantouCCBCTWTP591
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Puli BranchNantouCCBCTWTP592
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shuilikeng BranchNantouCCBCTWTP593
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sinshu BranchNew TaipeiCCBCTWTP545
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Lide BranchNew TaipeiCCBCTWTP546
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Xike BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP543
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taishan BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP547
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sanchungpu BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP550
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Sanchungpu BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP551
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsintien BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP552
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yungho BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP553
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Juifang BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP554
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shulin BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP556
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sanhsia BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP558
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Fuho BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP559
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nan-Sanchung BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP563
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsi-Sanchung BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP565
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsi-Chih BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP566
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shuangho BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP567
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tamsui BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP568
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sy Yuan BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP926
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.San Ho Rd. BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP964
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chiang Tsui BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP969
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Luchou BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP983
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Wugu Industrial Park BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP548
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.New Linkou BranchNew Taipei CityCCBCTWTP936
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Panchiao BranchPanchiaoCCBCTWTP557
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Kuang-Fu BranchPanchiaoCCBCTWTP560
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsin-Ming BranchPing-ChenCCBCTWTP930
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pingtung BranchPingtungCCBCTWTP830
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chaochou BranchPingtungCCBCTWTP832
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hengchun BranchPingtungCCBCTWTP834
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tungkang BranchPingtungCCBCTWTP831
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung-Sanchng BranchSanchungCCBCTWTP561
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shihlin BranchShihlinCCBCTWTP517
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taichung - Head OfficeTaichungCCBCTWTP220
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Taichung BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP400
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nan-Taichung BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP401
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Peitun BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP402
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nantun BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP404
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taichung BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP405
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tachia BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP581
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chingshui BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP582
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tungshih BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP584
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Wufeng BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP585
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Daya BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP586
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shalu BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP587
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taipin BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP589
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tatu BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP596
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Dali BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP607
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsitun BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP933
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tantzu BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP960
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chung-Kang BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP981
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shuinan BranchTaichungCCBCTWTP403
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsinying BranchTainanCCBCTWTP623
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yungkang BranchTainanCCBCTWTP624
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Guiren BranchTainanCCBCTWTP626
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tainan BranchTainanCCBCTWTP640
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yenping BranchTainanCCBCTWTP641
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsi-Tainan BranchTainanCCBCTWTP642
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung-Tainan BranchTainanCCBCTWTP643
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nan-Tainan BranchTainanCCBCTWTP644
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.An-Nan BranchTainanCCBCTWTP645
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Tainan BranchTainanCCBCTWTP956
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chung-Hua Road BranchTainanCCBCTWTP984
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Offshore Banking BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP212
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chilin BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP300
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chengnei BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP301
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei Men BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP500
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taipei BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP501
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Wanhua BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP502
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsimen BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP503
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yunglo BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP504
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chiencheng BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP505
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tatung BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP506
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chengde BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP507
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chungshan North Road BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP508
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tungmen BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP510
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Kuting BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP511
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Wufenpu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP512
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Ta-An BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP513
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chengtung BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP514
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chunglun BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP515
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Shuangyuan BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP516
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Central BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP518
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sungshan BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP519
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chung Hsiao Tung Lu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP520
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsin Yi BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP521
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung Taipei BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP522
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Min Sheng BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP523
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Fu Hsing BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP525
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taipei World Trade Center BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP526
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tunhwa BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP527
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chien Kuo BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP528
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tienmu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP530
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chung Cheng BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP531
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Jen-Ho BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP532
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yung-Chun BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP533
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Guanglong BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP534
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Mucha BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP535
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sinhu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP536
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung-Hu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP537
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nankang Science Industrial Park BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP538
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Bei Tou BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP539
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Heping BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP540
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Dongxing BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP541
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Chang An East Road BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP971
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Ching-Kuang BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP972
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tachih BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP973
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Sung Chiang BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP975
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsi-Neihu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP979
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nankang BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP980
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.-TaipeiCCBCTWTPXXX
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsi-Sung BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP524
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Nei-Hu BranchTaipeiCCBCTWTP529
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Trust DivisionTaipeiCCBCTWTP109
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Taitung BranchTaitungCCBCTWTP850
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanCCBCTWTP570
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Pei-Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanCCBCTWTP929
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tung-Linkou BranchTao-YuanCCBCTWTP935
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Touliu BranchTouliuCCBCTWTP610
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tsaotun BranchTsaotun TownCCBCTWTP590
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tucheng BranchTuchengCCBCTWTP928
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yangmei BranchYangmei CityCCBCTWTP569
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Puhsin BranchYangmei CityCCBCTWTP931
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Yuanli BranchYuanli TownCCBCTWTP580
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Hsiluo BranchYunlinCCBCTWTP605
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tounan BranchYunlinCCBCTWTP611
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Huwei BranchYunlinCCBCTWTP612
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Peikang BranchYunlinCCBCTWTP613
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Tukoo BranchYunlinCCBCTWTP952
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd.Zhunan BranchZhunan TownCCBCTWTP578
Cheng Yu Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungCHECTWT1XXX
Chia Yi Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiCHISTWT1XXX
Chian Yeou Securities-NantouCHYSTWT1XXX
Chin Kang Securities Co., Ltd.-KaohsiungCHKSTWT1XXX
China Bills Finance Corp.-TaipeiCBFCTWTPXXX
China Construction Bank Corporation Ltd. Taipei Branch-TaipeiPCBCTWTPXXX
China Development Industrial Bank-TaipeiCHIDTWT1XXX
Ching Shing Securities Co.,Ltd.-Miao LiCHSRTWT1XXX
Chu Pei Securities Co Ltd-HsinchuCHPSTWT1XXX
Chu Tung Securities Co Ltd-HsinchuCHTETWT1XXX
Chuan Tai Securities Co., Ltd.-Tao-YuanCHTCTWT1XXX
Chung Kang Securities Co Ltd-TaichungCHKETWT1XXX
Chung Nourn Securities Co., Ltd.-TaichungCHNSTWT1XXX
Cimb Securities Limited, Taiwan Branch-TaipeiCSAHTWT1XXX
Citibank N.A-TaipeiCITITW2PXXX
Citibank Taiwan Limited-TaipeiCITITW2XXXX
Citibank Taiwan Limited-TaipeiCITITWTXXXX
Citicorp International Securities Ltd-TaipeiCTISTWT1XXX
Citigroup Global Markets Taiwan Securities Companylimited-TaipeiSSMBTWT1XXX
Cl Securities Taiwan Company Limited-TaipeiCYSITWT1XXX
Concord International Securities Co Ltd.-TainanCOICTWT1XXX
Concord Securities Corp-TaipeiCONETWT1XXX
Concord Securities Corp-TaipeiCONETWT2XXX
Concord Securities Corp-TaipeiCONETWTAXXX
Cosmos Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiCOSUTWT1XXX
Cota Commercial Bank-TaipeiCOBKTWTPXXX
Credit Agricole CIB-TaipeiCRLYTWTPXXX
Credit Lyonnais Finance Taiwan-TaipeiLYHOTWT1XXX
Credit Suisse AG, Taipei Securities Branch-TaipeiCSFBTWTEXXX
Credit Suisse First Boston-TaipeiCSISTWT1XXX
CS Futures Co. Ltd-TaipeiCSFUTWT1XXX
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChanghua BranchChanghuaCTCBTWTP428
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChiayi BranchChiayiCTCBTWTP082
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhongli BranchChungliCTCBTWTP129
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNeili Mini BranchChungliCTCBTWTP131
CTBC Bank Co., LtdFongyuan BranchFengyuanCTCBTWTP392
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhupei BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP034
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBaoshan BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP190
CTBC Bank Co., LtdGuangfu BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP267
CTBC Bank Co., LtdHsinchu BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP299
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Hsinchu BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP336
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJingguo BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP554
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhuke BranchHsinchuCTCBTWTP875
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Hualien BranchHualienCTCBTWTP189
CTBC Bank Co., LtdHualienHualienCTCBTWTP197
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhongyuan BranchJhongliCTCBTWTP598
CTBC Bank Co., LtdKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP037
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSanmin BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP118
CTBC Bank Co., LtdMinzu BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP171
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSouth Kaohsiung Br.KaohsiungCTCBTWTP182
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJiouru BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP193
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSinsing BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP196
CTBC Bank Co., LtdFongshan BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP229
CTBC Bank Co., LtdWujia BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP230
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBo-Ai BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP234
CTBC Bank Co., LtdCingnian BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP263
CTBC Bank Co., LtdGangshan Mini BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP274
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP439
CTBC Bank Co., LtdCianjhen BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP509
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYouchang BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP565
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungCTCBTWTP613
CTBC Bank Co., LtdKeelung BranchKeelungCTCBTWTP381
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Lujhou BranchLujhouCTCBTWTP167
CTBC Bank Co., LtdLoh Dong BranchLuodongCTCBTWTP164
CTBC Bank Co., LtdToufen BranchMiao LiCTCBTWTP370
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNantou Mini BranchNantouCTCBTWTP078
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDanshuei BranchNew TaipeiCTCBTWTP101
CTBC Bank Co., LtdErchongpu Mini BranchNew TaipeiCTCBTWTP123
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBanhe Mini BranchNew TaipeiCTCBTWTP186
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhonghe BranchNew TaipeiCTCBTWTP749
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChongsin BranchNew TaipeiCTCBTWTP750
CTBC Bank Co., LtdMinan BranchNew Taipei CityCTCBTWTP112
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSijhih BranchNew Taipei CityCTCBTWTP783
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Linkou BranchNew Taipei CityCTCBTWTP614
CTBC Bank Co., LtdPingtung BranchPingtungCTCBTWTP207
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSanchong BranchSanchungCTCBTWTP060
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTaichung BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP026
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNantun BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP045
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDali BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP056
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Taichung Mini BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP067
CTBC Bank Co., LtdShizheng BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP108
CTBC Bank Co., LtdKeboguan BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP159
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSitun BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP160
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChunggang BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP288
CTBC Bank Co., LtdLiming BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP289
CTBC Bank Co., LtdWunsin BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP473
CTBC Bank Co., LtdGongyi BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP532
CTBC Bank Co., LtdHueijhong BranchTaichungCTCBTWTP156
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTainan BranchTainanCTCBTWTP059
CTBC Bank Co., LtdRende Mini BranchTainanCTCBTWTP090
CTBC Bank Co., LtdCentral Tainan BranchTainanCTCBTWTP104
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Tainan BranchTainanCTCBTWTP115
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSouth Tainan BranchTainanCTCBTWTP137
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSinying BranchTainanCTCBTWTP148
CTBC Bank Co., LtdWest Tainan BranchTainanCTCBTWTP222
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJiali BranchTainanCTCBTWTP223
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYan Hang BranchTainanCTCBTWTP245
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYongkang BranchTainanCTCBTWTP358
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhonghua BranchTainanCTCBTWTP440
CTBC Bank Co., LtdCorporate Trust Operation And Service CenterTaipeiCTCBTWTP003
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTreasury DepartmentTaipeiCTCBTWTP004
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDunbei BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP015
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChengdong BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP071
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhunglun BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP093
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDazhi BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP119
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJingmei BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP120
CTBC Bank Co., LtdFujin BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP134
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhongshan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP141
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChong Cing BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP142
CTBC Bank Co., LtdRenai BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP152
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChang An BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP153
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDunnan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP163
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBanciao BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP174
CTBC Bank Co., LtdMujha BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP178
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNanjiag East Road BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP200
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Tianmu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP201
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTrust DeptTaipeiCTCBTWTP211
CTBC Bank Co., LtdMincyuan West Road Br.TaipeiCTCBTWTP212
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDongmen BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP215
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSinbantecyu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP226
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSan He BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP237
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYanji BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP241
CTBC Bank Co., LtdObu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP244
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJian Tan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP248
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSinyi BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP252
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSungshan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP255
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBaociang BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP260
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSinjhuang BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP266
CTBC Bank Co., LtdHuashan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP271
CTBC Bank Co., LtdLong Jiang BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP282
CTBC Bank Co., LtdShihlin BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP285
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChenggong BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP293
CTBC Bank Co., LtdEast Minsheng BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP296
CTBC Bank Co., LtdWunshan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP300
CTBC Bank Co., LtdLujhou BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP303
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSindian BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP314
CTBC Bank Co., LtdGungguan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP347
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTianmu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP406
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBansin BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP417
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNeihu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP451
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChung Yang BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP484
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYongji BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP495
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYonghe BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP521
CTBC Bank Co., LtdShinfu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP543
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJiangcuei BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP576
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDonghu Mini BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP587
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDaan BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP602
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChengde BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP624
CTBC Bank Co., LtdShihpai BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP646
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChengbei BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP657
CTBC Bank Co., LtdWanhua BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP668
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSisong BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP679
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBeitou BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP680
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSihu Mini BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP705
CTBC Bank Co., LtdRueiguang BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP716
CTBC Bank Co., LtdMinsheng BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP738
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDanfong BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP761
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Sindian BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP772
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJincheng BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP794
CTBC Bank Co., LtdShulin BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP808
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNashihjiao BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP819
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Sinjhuang BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP820
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBanking DepartmentTaipeiCTCBTWTP901
CTBC Bank Co., LtdChengjhong BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP107
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhan Cian BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP145
CTBC Bank Co., LtdJhongsiao BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP185
CTBC Bank Co., LtdFubei BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP218
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Lujhou BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP259
CTBC Bank Co., LtdFusing BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP635
CTBC Bank Co., LtdAnhe BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP691
CTBC Bank Co., LtdXinfu BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP290
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSanxia BranchTaipeiCTCBTWTP603
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTaitung Mini BranchTaitungCTCBTWTP126
CTBC Bank Co., LtdBade BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP012
CTBC Bank Co., LtdLinkou BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP023
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNan Jungli BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP175
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYiwun BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP204
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP277
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNan Kan BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP510
CTBC Bank Co., LtdSouth Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP853
CTBC Bank Co., LtdNorth Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanCTCBTWTP864
CTBC Bank Co., LtdDouliou BranchTouliuCTCBTWTP462
CTBC Bank Co., LtdTucheng BranchTuchengCTCBTWTP369
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYilan BranchYilanCTCBTWTP727
CTBC Bank Co., LtdYuanlin BranchYuan-LinCTCBTWTP325
CTBC Bank Co., LtdShuanghe BranchYunghoCTCBTWTP130
Da Chung Securities Co Ltd-TaichungCHUETWT1XXX
Dah Chang Securities Co.,Ltd.-PanchiaoDACSTWT1XXX
Daiaky Securities Co Ltd-TainanDAIRTWT1XXX
Daiwa Securities Smbc - Cathay Co., Ltd-TaipeiDAWATWT1XXX
Danli Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungDANTTWT1XXX
Dar-Jan Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungDAJSTWT1XXX
Dashin Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiDASRTWT1XXX
Dashin Securities Co. Ltd.International DepartmentTaipeiDASRTWT1INT
DBS Bank (Taiwan) LtdTaipei BranchTaipeiDBSSTWTPIBD
DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd-TaipeiDBSSTWTPXXX
DBS Bank Ltd, Taipei BranchTaipei BranchTaipeiDBSSTWTXIBD
DBS Bank Ltd, Taipei Branch-TaipeiDBSSTWTXXXX
Deutsche Bank AG, Taipei Branch-TaipeiDEUTTWTPGMO
Deutsche Bank AG, Taipei Branch-TaipeiDEUTTWTPXXX
Deutsche Securities Asia Limited-TaipeiDSALTWT1XXX
E. Sun Commercial Bank Ltd.Obu BranchTaipeiESUNTWTPOBU
E. Sun Commercial Bank Ltd.-TaipeiESUNTWTPXXX
E.Sun Securities Co.,Ltd-TaipeiESSOTWT2XXX
E.Sun Securities Co.,Ltd-TaipeiESSOTWTAXXX
Eastspring Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd.-TaipeiESVTTWT1XXX
Eastspring Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd.-TaipeiESVTTWTAXXX
Entie Commercial Bank-TaipeiENTITWTPXXX
Erahsian Securities Co Ltd-KeelungERASTWT1XXX
Ever Advance Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiEVASTWT1XXX
Ever Rich Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiEVRSTWT1XXX
Ever Trust Securities Co Ltd-ChunghoEVTSTWT1XXX
Everglory Securities Co Ltd-I-LanEVECTWT1XXX
Evergreen Securities-TaipeiEVESTWT1XXX
Everising Securities Co Ltd-TainanEVEUTWT1XXX
Export-Import Bank of The Republic of China, The-TaipeiEROCTWTPXXX
F.K. Securities Co Ltd-HualienSERITWT1XXX
Far Eastern International BankHsinchu Linshen BranchHsinchuFEINTWTP010
Far Eastern International BankHsinchu Sience Based Industrial Park BranchHsinchuFEINTWTP023
Far Eastern International BankKaohsiung Wu Fu BranchKaohsiungFEINTWTP007
Far Eastern International BankKaohsiung Chungcheng BranchKaohsiungFEINTWTP011
Far Eastern International BankTaichung Kungyi BranchTaichungFEINTWTP005
Far Eastern International BankBusiness DepartmentTaipeiFEINTWTP001
Far Eastern International BankTaipei Shiang Yang BranchTaipeiFEINTWTP002
Far Eastern International BankYihsien BranchTaipeiFEINTWTP003
Far Eastern International BankTaoyuan BranchTaipeiFEINTWTP004
Far Eastern International BankTainan BranchTaipeiFEINTWTP006
Far Eastern International BankYungho BranchTaipeiFEINTWTP019
Far Eastern International BankObu BranchTaipeiFEINTWTPOBU
Far Eastern International Bank-TaipeiFEINTWTPXXX
Far Eastern International BankTrust Banking DepartmentTaipeiFEINTWTP012
Far Eastern International BankSung Shan BranchTaipeiFEINTWTP027
Far Eastern International Securities-TaipeiFEICTWT1XXX
Far Fame Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFAFSTWT1XXX
Feng Long Securities Co Ltd-TaichungFELSTWT1XXX
Feng Shan Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungFESSTWT1XXX
Fidelity Investments Securities (Taiwan) Ltd.-TaipeiFIDITWT1XXX
Financial Information Service Co., Ltd-TaipeiTWIPTWTBXXX
Financial Information Service Co., Ltd-TaipeiTWIPTWTPXXX
Financial Information Service Co., Ltd-TaipeiTWIPTW2PXXX
First Commercial Bank-HsinchuFCBKTWTP301
First Commercial Bank-KaohsiungFCBKTWTP701
First Commercial Bank-TaichungFCBKTWTP401
First Commercial Bank-TainanFCBKTWTP601
First Commercial BankOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiFCBKTWTPOBU
First Commercial Bank-TaipeiFCBKTWTPXXX
First Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFIRSTWT1XXX
First Securities Inc.-TaipeiFIUITWT1XXX
First Taiwan Securities Inc.-TaipeiFTTSTWT1XXX
Fitch Ratings Limited (Taiwan Branch)-TaipeiFRIPTWT1XXX
Fong Shing Securities Co , Ltd-FongyuanFOSETWT1XXX
Fong-Yin Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungFOYSTWT1XXX
Fore Most Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFOMSTWT1XXX
Formosa Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFORITWT1XXX
Fortune Securities Co, Ltd-Miao LiFOTETWT1XXX
Fortune Target Securities Inc-ChiayiFOTCTWT1XXX
Fortunes Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFOTUTWT1XXX
Fpb Asia Limited-TaipeiFPASTWT1XXX
Fu Hung Securities Co Ltd-TainanHUNETWT1XXX
Fu Shing Securities Co Ltd-YunlinSHIUTWT1XXX
Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd-TaipeiFUSNTWT1XXX
Fubon Securities Co. Ltd, Head office-TaipeiFUSRTW21XXX
Fubon Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiFUSRTWT1XXX
Fubon Securities Company Ltd-TaipeiFUSOTWT1XXX
Fuh-Hwa Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFHSCTWT1XXX
Full Chuen Securities Co Ltd-TaichungFUCSTWT1XXX
Full Long Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFULSTWT1XXX
Full Sun Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiFUSETWT1XXX
Fushan Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiFUSCTWT1XXX
Golden Circle Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiGOCUTWT1XXX
Golden Gate Securities Co., Ltd-ChungliGOGSTWT1XXX
Golden Securities International Corp-TaipeiGOSITWT1XXX
Goldman Sachs (Asia) Llc-TaipeiGSATTWT1XXX
Goldman Sachs (Asia) Llc, Taipei Branch-TaipeiGSSLTWT1XXX
Grand Cathay Securities Corporation-TaipeiGRCATWT1XXX
Grand Cathay Securities CorporationMin Chuan BranchTaipeiGRCATWT1MCH
Grand China Wealth Management Co., Ltd.-TaipeiGCWMTWT1XXX
Grand Securities Co., Ltd.-HsinchuGRASTWT1XXX
Great Fortune Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiGRFSTWT1XXX
Great Wall Securities Co, Ltd-TaipeiGRWSTWT1XXX
Hai Pa Wang Securities Corp-TaipeiHAWSTWT1XXX
High Top Securities Co Ltd-PanchiaoHITSTWT1XXX
Ho Shin Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSHICTWT1XXX
Hon Tai Securities Co Ltd.-TaipeiHTTSTWT1XXX
Hong Fu Securities Co Ltd-Tao-YuanHONETWT1XXX
Hong Hwa Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungHOHSTWT1XXX
Horizon Securities Co.,Ltd.-TaipeiHOSETWT1XXX
HSBC Bank (Taiwan) LimitedObu BranchTaipeiHSBCTWTPOBU
HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiHSBCTWTPXXX
HSBC Securities-TaipeiHSSCTWT1XXX
Hsilo Securities Co Ltd-YunlinHSISTWT1XXX
Hsin Chu Science Park Securities Co Ltd-HsinchuHCSPTWT1XXX
Hsin Tao Securities Inc.-Tao-YuanHSTETWT1XXX
Hua Hsin Securities Co Ltd-HsinchuHUHSTWT1XXX
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chia Nan BranchChai YiHNBKTWTP601
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Puzi BranchChai YiHNBKTWTP602
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Changhua BranchChanghuaHNBKTWTP520
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yuanlin BranchChanghuaHNBKTWTP522
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lugang BranchChanghuaHNBKTWTP523
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Xihu BranchChanghuaHNBKTWTP524
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chiayi BranchChiayiHNBKTWTP600
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hemei BranchChunghuaHNBKTWTP521
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chungli BranchChungliHNBKTWTP241
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Fengyuan BranchFengyuanHNBKTWTP400
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsinchu BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP300
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Zhudong BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP301
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chu Ko BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP302
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsin Feng BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP310
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lioujia BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP313
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chupei BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP323
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tachung BranchHsinchuHNBKTWTP351
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hualien BranchHualienHNBKTWTP820
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP700
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tung Ling BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP701
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsinshing BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP702
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Kaohsiung Sanmin BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP703
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lingya BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP704
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Qianzhen BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP705
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Kaohsiung Po-Ai BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP706
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan-Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP707
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tung-Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP708
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Da Chang BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP709
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei-Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP710
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nanzi BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP711
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Zuoying BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP712
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Fengshan BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP720
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Renwu BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP722
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Li Tsu Nei BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP751
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Wu Chia BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP752
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Guanghua BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP753
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Xiaogang BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP760
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Kaohsiung Guilin BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP765
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Gangshan BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP719
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Luchu BranchKaohsiungHNBKTWTP721
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Keelung BranchKeelungHNBKTWTP200
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Keelung Kangko BranchKeelungHNBKTWTP201
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Qidu BranchKeelungHNBKTWTP211
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chu Nan BranchMiao LiHNBKTWTP320
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Toufen BranchMiao LiHNBKTWTP321
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Miaoli BranchMiao LiHNBKTWTP322
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Caotun BranchNantouHNBKTWTP500
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nantou BranchNantouHNBKTWTP501
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Sanchung BranchNew TaipeiHNBKTWTP161
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shuangho BranchNew TaipeiHNBKTWTP172
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsintai BranchNew TaipeiHNBKTWTP173
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan-Sanchung BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP171
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pan Hsin BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP175
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Fuhe BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP182
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei Luzhou BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP184
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lu Zhou BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP185
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tu Cheng BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP186
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.San Hsia BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP194
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yingge BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP196
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.North Hsin Chuang BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP197
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei Tucheng BranchNew Taipei CityHNBKTWTP198
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pingtung BranchPingtungHNBKTWTP800
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nei Pu BranchPingtungHNBKTWTP801
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chaozhou BranchPingtungHNBKTWTP802
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Jiadong BranchPingtungHNBKTWTP813
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tungshih BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP401
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chingshui BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP402
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shi-Fengyuan BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP403
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taichung BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP420
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan-Taichung BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP422
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei-Taichung BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP423
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taichungkang Road BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP424
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Dali BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP425
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shui Nan BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP426
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Wu Chyuan BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP427
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Ta Chia BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP429
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taiping BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP430
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Zhongke BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP431
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shalu BranchTaichungHNBKTWTP451
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Xinying BranchTainanHNBKTWTP620
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Madou BranchTainanHNBKTWTP621
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yung Kang BranchTainanHNBKTWTP622
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tainan BranchTainanHNBKTWTP640
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tung-Tainan BranchTainanHNBKTWTP642
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shi-Tainan BranchTainanHNBKTWTP643
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei-Tainan BranchTainanHNBKTWTP644
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nandu BranchTainanHNBKTWTP645
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Annan BranchTainanHNBKTWTP646
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Jen Der BranchTainanHNBKTWTP647
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Sin Shih BranchTainanHNBKTWTP648
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Jinhua BranchTainanHNBKTWTP681
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Trust DepartmentTaipeiHNBKTWTP069
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Offshore Banking BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP070
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chuxu BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP101
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chen Nei BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP103
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tataochen BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP104
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chienchen BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP105
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chungshan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP106
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yuanshan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP107
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Cheng Tung BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP108
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsimen BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP109
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan Sungshan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP110
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Jen Ai Road BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP111
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nanking East Road BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP112
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsinsheng BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP113
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tatung BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP114
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Sungshan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP115
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chung Lun BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP116
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nanmen BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP117
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Gongguan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP118
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Sin Yi BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP119
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chungshiao East Road BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP120
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Ho Ping BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP121
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shuangyuan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP122
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shihlin BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP123
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tung-Taipei BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP124
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Da An BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP125
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Ming Shen BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP126
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Fushing BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP127
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lungchiang BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP128
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yongji BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP129
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tunhua BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP130
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chung Hsing BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP131
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Dazhi BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP132
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tun Ho BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP133
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Donghu BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP134
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Dongxing BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP136
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Peinankang BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP137
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Muzha BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP138
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Banqiao Wen Hua BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP139
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan-Neihu BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP143
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chang An BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP145
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Huai Sheng BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP147
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Zhong Hua Road BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP148
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pu Chien BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP151
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shih Pai BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP152
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Jui Hsiang BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP153
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taita BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP154
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shih Mao BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP156
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Wan Hua BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP157
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan Kang BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP158
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hua Jiang BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP159
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Panchiao BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP160
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei San Chung BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP162
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsinchuang BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP163
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yungho BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP164
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chung Ho BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP165
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsintien BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP166
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Danshui BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP167
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Xizhi BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP168
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan Yungho BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP169
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shi-Sanchung BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP170
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Erh Chung BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP174
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Wu Ku BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP176
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Beitou BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP178
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chi Sui BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP180
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan Shih Chiao BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP183
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei Hsin BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP187
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Tianmu BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP189
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nei Hu BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP190
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Shulin BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP191
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taishan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP193
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Wen Shan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP195
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Linkou Station BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP199
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Business Center BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP888
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.-TaipeiHNBKTWTPXXX
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Business DepartmentTaipeiHNBKTWTP100
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsin Wei BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP149
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Hsi Hu BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP179
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Chang Shu Wan BranchTaipeiHNBKTWTP192
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taitung BranchTaitungHNBKTWTP830
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP240
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yang Mei BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP242
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Li-Chang BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP243
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pei-Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP244
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nan Kan BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP245
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pingzhen BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP246
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Pa Teh BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP247
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Gueishan BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP248
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Longtan BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP249
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Daxi BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP250
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Nei Li BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP251
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lin Kou BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP252
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Guanyin BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP260
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Dayuan BranchTao-YuanHNBKTWTP262
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Lotung BranchYilanHNBKTWTP220
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Yilan BranchYilanHNBKTWTP221
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Douliu BranchYunlinHNBKTWTP540
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Huwei BranchYunlinHNBKTWTP541
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Xiluo BranchYunlinHNBKTWTP542
Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.Beigang BranchYunlinHNBKTWTP543
Hua Nan Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiESSTTWT1XXX
Hualian Securities Co Ltd-HualianHUASTWT1XXX
Hung Fu Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiHUNSTWT1XXX
Hwa-Tai Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiHWTSTWT1XXX
Hwatai Bank-TaipeiHTBKTWTPXXX
I-Feng Securities Co Ltd-HsinchuFENETWT1XXX
IBT Securities Co. Ltd-TaipeiIBSCTWT1XXX
Ibt Securities Co., Ltd Xinyi Branch-TaipeiISXBTWT1XXX
Imperial Securities Co Ltd-ChiayiIMPSTWT1XXX
International Bills Finance Corporation-TaipeiIBFOTWTPXXX
J.P. Morgan-TaipeiJMSATWT1XXX
J.P. Morgan Securities (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiJPMSTWT1XXX
James Capel Asia Limited-TaipeiJCALTWT1XXX
Jee Mach Securities Co., Ltd.-NantouJEMSTWT1XXX
Jeng Jyi Securities Co Ltd-TainanJEJSTWT1XXX
Jeou Diing Securities Co Ltd-TaichungJEDSTWT1XXX
Jey Fong Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungJEFSTWT1XXX
Jih Feng Securities Co Ltd-ChanghuaJIFSTWT1XXX
Jih Fu Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiJIHSTWT1XXX
Jih Sun International Bank, Ltd.-TaipeiJSIBTWTPXXX
Jih Sun Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiJISSTWT1XXX
JPMorgan Asset Management (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiJPMATWT1XXX
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Taipei BranchTelex And S.W.I.F.T. Message EnquiriesTaipeiCHASTWTXENQ
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Taipei BranchTrade Service DepartmentTaipeiCHASTWTXTSD
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Taipei Branch-TaipeiCHASTWTXXXX
Ju Ding Securities Inc-KaohsiungDINETWT1XXX
Kao Sheng Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungKASSTWT1XXX
Keelung International Securities Co Ltd-KeelungKEISTWT1XXX
KGI Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiKGISTWTP003
KGI Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiKGISTWTPXXX
KGI Securities Co. Ltd.Taipei BranchTaipeiKGISTWTP068
KGI Securities Co. Ltd.Zhongshan BranchTaipeiKGISTWTP029
KGI Securities Co. Ltd.Fuxing BranchTaipeiKGISTWTP02H
King Fong Securities Co.,Ltd.-FongyuanKIFCTWT1XXX
King Group Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungKIGSTWT1XXX
King Hoe Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiKIHSTWT1XXX
King's International Securities Corp.-HsinchuKIISTWT1XXX
King's Town BankChia-Yi BranchChiayiTNBBTWTN004
King's Town BankKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungTNBBTWTN069
King's Town BankChung-Cheng BranchKaohsiungTNBBTWTN077
King's Town BankTaichung BranchTaichungTNBBTWTN070
King's Town BankBusiness Dept.TainanTNBBTWTN001
King's Town BankHsin-Shih BranchTainanTNBBTWTN029
King's Town BankOffshore Banking BranchTainanTNBBTWTN068
King's Town Bank-TainanTNBBTWTNXXX
King's Town BankTaipei BranchTaipeiTNBBTWTN053
King's Town BankSung ShanTaipeiTNBBTWTN083
King's Town BankHu-Wei BranchYunlinTNBBTWTN007
Kingston Securites Inc.-TaipeiKINSTWT1XXX
Kingtex Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiKINETWT1XXX
Kleinwort Benson Securities Limited , Taiwan Branch-TaipeiKBENTWT1XXX
Kong Cheng Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiKOCSTWT1XXX
Kuang I Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiKUASTWT1XXX
Kuang Long Securities Co., Ltd.-HualianKULSTWT1XXX
Kuanz Ho Securities Co., Ltd.-ChanghuaKUAETWT1XXX
Kung Cheng Securities Co Ltd-ChanghuaKUCSTWT1XXX
Kuo Bao Securities Co Ltd-TaichungKUBETWT1XXX
Kuo Hua Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiKUHSTWT1XXX
Kuo-Yuh Securities Co Ltd-YunlinKUYSTWT1XXX
Kuotong Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungKUOSTWT1XXX
Kwang Ming Securities Co Ltd-Tao-YuanKWMSTWT1XXX
Kwang-Sheng Securities Co Ltd-PanchiaoKWSSTWT1XXX
Lai Fwu Securities Co Ltd-YunlinLAFETWT1XXX
Lakeview Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiLAKSTWT1XXX
Land Bank of TaiwanYuanlin BranchChanghuaLBOTTWTP026
Land Bank of TaiwanChiayi BranchChiayiLBOTTWTP029
Land Bank of TaiwanMinxiong BranchChiayiLBOTTWTP066
Land Bank of TaiwanChanghua BranchChunghuaLBOTTWTP047
Land Bank of TaiwanChungli BranchChungliLBOTTWTP014
Land Bank of TaiwanItri BranchChutung TownLBOTTWTP156
Land Bank of TaiwanFengshan BranchFengshanLBOTTWTP051
Land Bank of TaiwanHsinchu BranchHsinchuLBOTTWTP016
Land Bank of TaiwanChutung BranchHsinchuLBOTTWTP017
Land Bank of TaiwanHu Kou BranchHsinchuLBOTTWTP052
Land Bank of TaiwanTung Hsinchu BranchHsinchuLBOTTWTP103
Land Bank of TaiwanChu Pei BranchHsinchuLBOTTWTP108
Land Bank of TaiwanHsingong BranchHsinchuLBOTTWTP118
Land Bank of TaiwanNanhsinchuang BranchHsinchuangLBOTTWTP111
Land Bank of TaiwanHsintien BranchHsintienLBOTTWTP061
Land Bank of TaiwanHsinying BranchHsinyingLBOTTWTP030
Land Bank of TaiwanHualien BranchHualienLBOTTWTP018
Land Bank of TaiwanPeichungli BranchJhongliLBOTTWTP124
Land Bank of TaiwanKangshan BranchKang ShanLBOTTWTP034
Land Bank of TaiwanKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP033
Land Bank of TaiwanCingnian BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP038
Land Bank of TaiwanChung Shan BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP048
Land Bank of TaiwanHsinhsing BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP054
Land Bank of TaiwanChung Cheng BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP059
Land Bank of TaiwanShanming BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP065
Land Bank of TaiwanTa Ser BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP067
Land Bank of TaiwanLuzhu BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP070
Land Bank of TaiwanWu Chia BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP071
Land Bank of TaiwanLing Ya BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP078
Land Bank of TaiwanChienkuo BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP097
Land Bank of TaiwanPoai BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP105
Land Bank of TaiwanXiaogang BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP117
Land Bank of TaiwanZuoying BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP130
Land Bank of TaiwanChien-Cheng BranchKaohsiungLBOTTWTP069
Land Bank of TaiwanRenwuKaohsiungLBOTTWTP166
Land Bank of TaiwanKeelung BranchKeelungLBOTTWTP002
Land Bank of TaiwanKin Men BranchKin-MenLBOTTWTP039
Land Bank of TaiwanJincheng BranchKin-MenLBOTTWTP128
Land Bank of TaiwanLuchou BranchLujhouLBOTTWTP076
Land Bank of TaiwanMiaoli BranchMiao LiLBOTTWTP020
Land Bank of TaiwanNan Tou BranchNantouLBOTTWTP025
Land Bank of TaiwanTsao Tun BranchNantouLBOTTWTP082
Land Bank of TaiwanYungho BranchNew TaipeiLBOTTWTP049
Land Bank of TaiwanHsinchuang BranchNew TaipeiLBOTTWTP086
Land Bank of TaiwanShuangho BranchNew TaipeiLBOTTWTP087
Land Bank of TaiwanTungpachiao BranchNew TaipeiLBOTTWTP095
Land Bank of TaiwanShu Lin BranchNew TaipeiLBOTTWTP098
Land Bank of TaiwanTaishan BranchNew TaipeiLBOTTWTP134
Land Bank of TaiwanTanshuiNew Taipei CityLBOTTWTP081
Land Bank of TaiwanBaozhong BranchNew Taipei CityLBOTTWTP163
Land Bank of TaiwanPanchiao BranchPanchiaoLBOTTWTP050
Land Bank of TaiwanPingtung BranchPingtungLBOTTWTP036
Land Bank of TaiwanKaoshu BranchPingtungLBOTTWTP125
Land Bank of TaiwanHsisanchung BranchSan ChorngLBOTTWTP100
Land Bank of TaiwanBeisanchong BranchSan ChorngLBOTTWTP157
Land Bank of TaiwanFengyuan BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP022
Land Bank of TaiwanTa-Chia BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP023
Land Bank of TaiwanTaichung BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP024
Land Bank of TaiwanHsitaichung BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP055
Land Bank of TaiwanTaiping BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP072
Land Bank of TaiwanNorth Taichung BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP077
Land Bank of TaiwanChung Kang BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP094
Land Bank of TaiwanNantaichung BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP101
Land Bank of TaiwanShalu BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP113
Land Bank of TaiwanWu Jih BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP119
Land Bank of TaiwanJhong Ke BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP135
Land Bank of TaiwanSitun BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP144
Land Bank of TaiwanBeituen BranchTaichungLBOTTWTP122
Land Bank of TaiwanYungkang BranchTainanLBOTTWTP031
Land Bank of TaiwanTainan BranchTainanLBOTTWTP032
Land Bank of TaiwanPeitainan BranchTainanLBOTTWTP062
Land Bank of TaiwanHsinshih BranchTainanLBOTTWTP104
Land Bank of TaiwanAnnan BranchTainanLBOTTWTP147
Land Bank of TaiwanTungtainan BranchTainanLBOTTWTP083
Land Bank of TaiwanChungho BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP003
Land Bank of TaiwanNankang BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP004
Land Bank of TaiwanTaipei BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP005
Land Bank of TaiwanMingchuan BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP006
Land Bank of TaiwanKuting BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP007
Land Bank of TaiwanChangan BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP008
Land Bank of TaiwanSanchung BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP010
Land Bank of TaiwanDepartment Of BusinessTaipeiLBOTTWTP041
Land Bank of TaiwanHoping BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP045
Land Bank of TaiwanJenai BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP057
Land Bank of TaiwanChunghsiao BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP058
Land Bank of TaiwanSungshan BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP063
Land Bank of TaiwanNeihu BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP064
Land Bank of TaiwanTun Hua BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP074
Land Bank of TaiwanHsinyi BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP079
Land Bank of TaiwanTu Cheng BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP080
Land Bank of TaiwanFuhsin BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP090
Land Bank of TaiwanOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP092
Land Bank of TaiwanWenshan BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP093
Land Bank of TaiwanTungtaipei BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP099
Land Bank of TaiwanChangchuen BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP102
Land Bank of TaiwanChunglun BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP106
Land Bank of TaiwanHua Chiang BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP107
Land Bank of TaiwanHsichih BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP115
Land Bank of TaiwanShi-Hu BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP120
Land Bank of TaiwanDah An BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP123
Land Bank of TaiwanKuangfu BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP129
Land Bank of TaiwanTien Mu BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP133
Land Bank of TaiwanCheng Tung BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP140
Land Bank of TaiwanSungnan BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP141
Land Bank of TaiwanYuanshan BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP155
Land Bank of TaiwanYuan Tong BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP158
Land Bank of TaiwanNanjingdonglu BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP165
Land Bank of Taiwan-TaipeiLBOTTWTPXXX
Land Bank of TaiwanShihlin BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP009
Land Bank of TaiwanDonghu BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP148
Land Bank of TaiwanDazhi BranchTaipeiLBOTTWTP160
Land Bank of TaiwanTaitung BranchTaitungLBOTTWTP037
Land Bank of TaiwanTao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP013
Land Bank of TaiwanShihmen BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP015
Land Bank of TaiwanPingchen BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP091
Land Bank of TaiwanNankan BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP096
Land Bank of TaiwanNantaoyuan BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP114
Land Bank of TaiwanNorth Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP131
Land Bank of TaiwanLinkou BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP143
Land Bank of TaiwanNeili BranchTao-YuanLBOTTWTP145
Land Bank of TaiwanTouliu BranchTouliuLBOTTWTP027
Land Bank of TaiwanYilan BranchYilanLBOTTWTP011
Land Bank of TaiwanLotung BranchYilanLBOTTWTP012
Land Bank of TaiwanPeikang BranchYunlinLBOTTWTP028
Land Bank of TaiwanHuwei BranchYunlinLBOTTWTP056
Leaders Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiLEASTWT1XXX
Lehman Brothers (Taiwan) Ltd-TaipeiLEBTTWT1XXX
LG Display Taiwan Co., Ltd.-TaipeiLGDTTWT1XXX
Li Tai Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiTAIUTWT1XXX
Lucky Leader Securities Co Ltd-ChanghuaLULSTWT1XXX
Macquarie Capital Limited, Taiwan Securities Branch-TaipeiBSECTWT1XXX
Manulife Asset Management (Taiwan)-TaipeiMAAWTWT1XXX
Mao Sheng Securities Co Ltd-ChiayiMAHCTWT1XXX
Masterlink Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiMASCTWT1XXX
Masterlink Securities Co., Ltd.Duennan BranchTaipeiMASCTWT1001
Mega Bills Finance Corporation-TaipeiMBFCTWTPXXX
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North Changhua BranchChanghuaICBCTWTP018
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.South Changhwa BranchChanghuaICBCTWTP220
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Lu GangChanghuaICBCTWTP233
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chiahsin BranchChiayiICBCTWTP212
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chiayi BranchChiayiICBCTWTP022
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chung Li BranchChungliICBCTWTP039
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Fengshan BranchFengshanICBCTWTP045
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hou Li BranchHouliICBCTWTP232
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsinchu Science Park Hsin-An BranchHsinchuICBCTWTP020
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North Hsinchu BranchHsinchuICBCTWTP026
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsinchu BranchHsinchuICBCTWTP203
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Jhubei BranchHsinchuICBCTWTP208
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsinchu Science Park Chutsuen BranchHsinchuICBCTWTP215
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsin Chuang OfficeHsinchuangICBCTWTP041
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsintien BranchHsintienICBCTWTP046
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hualien BranchHualienICBCTWTP023
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Lotung BranchI-LanICBCTWTP228
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Kaohsiung Metropolitan BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP002
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nantze BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP003
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsin-Hsing BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP013
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Kepz BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP016
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.San-Tuo OfficeKaohsiungICBCTWTP038
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.San Ming BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP040
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.East Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP047
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Kang Shan BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP052
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ling Ya BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP059
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Kaohsiung International Airport BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP066
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP072
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP205
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Wufu BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP227
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ren Wu BranchKaohsiungICBCTWTP103
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Keelung BranchKeelungICBCTWTP049
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Kinmen BranchKin-MenICBCTWTP079
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nan Kan BranchLuzhuICBCTWTP080
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Toufen BranchMiao LiICBCTWTP058
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Zhunan Science Park BranchMiao LiICBCTWTP075
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nantou BranchNantouICBCTWTP064
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Pingtung BranchPingtungICBCTWTP053
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taichung BranchTaichungICBCTWTP004
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Fengyuan OfficeTaichungICBCTWTP035
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North-Taichung BranchTaichungICBCTWTP037
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.South Taichung BranchTaichungICBCTWTP044
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Sha Lu BranchTaichungICBCTWTP060
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tai Ping BranchTaichungICBCTWTP068
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.East Taichung BranchTaichungICBCTWTP071
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Central Taiwan Science ParkTaichungICBCTWTP076
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Dajia BranchTaichungICBCTWTP077
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Rung Tzung BranchTaichungICBCTWTP083
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Central Taichung BranchTaichungICBCTWTP204
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Pouchen BranchTaichungICBCTWTP214
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Da Li BranchTaichungICBCTWTP241
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tantze BranchTaichungICBCTWTP028
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tainan Fucheng BranchTainanICBCTWTP006
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Yung Kang BranchTainanICBCTWTP050
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.East Tainan BranchTainanICBCTWTP065
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tainan BranchTainanICBCTWTP213
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tainan Science Park BranchTainanICBCTWTP242
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chung-Hsiao BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP005
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.F.D.TaipeiICBCTWTP007
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taipei Fusing BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP008
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Lan-Ya BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP010
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Treasury DeptTaipeiICBCTWTP011
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.San-Chung BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP012
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chung-Shan BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP015
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Cheng-Chung BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP017
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.An Ho BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP019
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tien-Mou BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP021
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Trust DepartmentTaipeiICBCTWTP024
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.South Panchiao BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP027
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.South Taipei BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP030
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tun Nan OfficeTaipeiICBCTWTP031
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ming-Sheng BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP036
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Sung Nan OfficeTaipeiICBCTWTP042
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Dah Tong BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP043
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsin Yi BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP048
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nei Hu BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP051
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taipei Airport BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP055
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tu Cheng BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP056
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ta Tao Cheng BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP057
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.East Nei-Hu BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP067
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chung Ho BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP069
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nanking East Road BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP070
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nangang BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP074
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.CentralTaipeiICBCTWTP201
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taipei BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP202
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Panchiao BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP206
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Dunhua BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP210
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.World Trade Center BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP216
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.South Sanchung BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP219
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.East Taipei BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP226
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taan BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP229
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North Taipei BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP231
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Yuanshan BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP234
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Szuyuan BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP235
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Neihu Science Park BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP237
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Shuangho BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP238
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hengyang BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP240
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Operation CenterTaipeiICBCTWTP915
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiICBCTWTPXXX
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Offshore Banking BranchTaipeiICBCTWTP025
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Anti-Money Laundering CenterTaipeiICBCTWTP936
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanICBCTWTP014
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taoyuan International Airport BranchTao-YuanICBCTWTP029
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Pateh BranchTao-YuanICBCTWTP061
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taohsin BranchTao-YuanICBCTWTP207
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North Chungli BranchTao-YuanICBCTWTP236
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ilan BranchYilanICBCTWTP062
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Yuan-Lin OfficeYuan-LinICBCTWTP032
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Yung Ho BranchYunghoICBCTWTP034
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Douliu BranchYunlinICBCTWTP063
Mega Securities Co.,Ltd-TaipeiMESDTWT1XXX
Mercuries Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-TaipeiMEFUTWT1XXX
Merrill Lynch Securities (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiMLTATWTXFFO
Merrill Lynch Securities (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiMLTATWTXXXX
Merrill Lynch Securities Taiwan Limited-TaipeiMLTATWT1XXX
Metropolitan Bank And Trust CompanyKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungMBTCTWTPKAO
Metropolitan Bank And Trust Company-TaipeiMBTCTWTPXXX
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungMHCBTWTPKAO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.,Taipei Branch-TaipeiMHCBTWTPXXX
Morgan Stanley Taiwan Limited-TaipeiMSILTWT1XXX
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Taipei Branch-TaipeiBOTKTWTXXXX
Nan Tou Securities Co Ltd-NantouNATUTWT1XXX
Natixis Taipei Branch-TaipeiNATXTWTPXXX
New Hundred King Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungNHKSTWT1XXX
Nikko Securities Co. Ltd (Taipei Branch),The-TaipeiNSTCTWT1XXX
Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited-TaipeiNMRSTWT1XXX
O-Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiIBOTTWTPXXX
O-Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiIBOTTWTP888
O-Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiIBOTTWTP999
O-Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiIBOTTWTPOBU
Oriental Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiORISTWT1XXX
Oriental Securities Corp-TaipeiORMBTWT1XXX
Oriental Union Securities Co Ltd-KaohsiungORUSTWT1XXX
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Taipei Branch-TaipeiOCBCTWTPXXX
Overseas Credit And Securities Incorporated-TaipeiOCSITWT1XXX
Pacific Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiPACSTWT1XXX
Pacific Securities Co., Ltd.Nan-Ching BranchTaipeiPACSTWT1NCH
Pei Cheng Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiPECCTWT1XXX
Po-Hon Securities Co Ltd-I-LanHONRTWT1XXX
Polaris Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiPOLSTWT1XXX
President Securities Corp. offshore Securities Unit-TaipeiPSOETWT1XXX
President Securities Corporation-TaipeiPREETWTPXXX
Primasia Securities Company Limited-TaipeiYKSTTWT1XXX
Prudential Financial Securities Investment Trust Enterprise-TaipeiPFSNTWT1XXX
Prudential Securities Inc-TaipeiPBSITWT1XXX
Rich Soon Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiRISSTWT1XXX
Riches Securities Co Ltd-PanchiaoRICSTWT1XXX
Sakura Securities Co Ltd-TaichungSAKCTWT1XXX
Samsung C And T Taiwan Corporation-TaipeiSCNTTWT1XXX
Samsung Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd-TaipeiSECTTWT1XXX
Samsung Electronics Taiwan Co., LtdSetTaipeiSECTTWT16A0
Sanchung Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSANRTWT1XXX
Sanho Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSANITWT1XXX
Schroder Securities (Taiwan) Ltd-TaipeiSCSLTWT1XXX
SG Securities (HK) Ltd.-TaipeiSGSLTWT1XXX
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYuan Lin BranchChanghuaSCSBTWTP016
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYen Ping BranchChungliSCSBTWTP060
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHsinchu BranchHsinchuSCSBTWTP034
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNorth Hsinchu BranchHsinchuSCSBTWTP063
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChu Pei BranchHsinchuSCSBTWTP070
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChu Ko BranchHsinchuSCSBTWTP080
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungSCSBTWTP004
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNorth Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungSCSBTWTP012
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChien Chin BranchKaohsiungSCSBTWTP030
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheFeng Shan BranchKaohsiungSCSBTWTP050
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheEast Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungSCSBTWTP069
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheKeelung BranchKeelungSCSBTWTP053
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheSan Chung BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP013
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., ThePan Chiao BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP014
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYung Ho BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP015
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHsin Chuang BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP025
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHsin Tien BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP029
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheLu Chou BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP032
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChungho BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP033
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNorth Sanchung BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP039
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheTu Cheng BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP042
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHsi Chih BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP045
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHua Chiang BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP048
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheShu Lin BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP052
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNorth Chung Ho BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP056
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheErh Chung BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP059
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheDan Feng BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP075
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNorth Xinzhuang BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP076
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheLinkou BranchNew Taipei CitySCSBTWTP079
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., ThePingtung BranchPingtungSCSBTWTP046
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheTaichung BranchTaichungSCSBTWTP008
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChung Kang BranchTaichungSCSBTWTP035
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheTali BranchTaichungSCSBTWTP041
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheFeng Yuan BranchTaichungSCSBTWTP049
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNantun BranchTaichungSCSBTWTP077
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheZhong Ke BranchTaichungSCSBTWTP072
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheTainan BranchTainanSCSBTWTP010
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheEast Tainan BranchTainanSCSBTWTP037
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYung Kang City BranchTainanSCSBTWTP038
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheSavings Department BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP003
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheCheng Chung BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP006
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheEast Taipei BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP009
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHsin Yi BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP018
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheMin Sheng BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP019
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChung Hsiao BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP020
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheLung Shang BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP021
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChung Shan BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP023
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheJen Ai BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP024
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP027
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheSung Shan BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP028
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheSung Nan BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP031
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheShih Lin BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP036
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNanking East Rd. BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP040
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheWorld Trade Center BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP043
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheCheng Teh BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP044
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheSan Ming BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP047
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheTien Mou BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP051
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNei Hu Technology Park BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP055
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheHsi Hu BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP057
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNangang BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP062
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheWen Shan BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP066
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheDun Pei BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP068
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheSung Chiang BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP071
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., The-TaipeiSCSBTWTPXXX
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNei Hu BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP022
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYongji BranchTaipeiSCSBTWTP081
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheTao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanSCSBTWTP011
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheChung Li BranchTao-YuanSCSBTWTP026
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYang Mei BranchTao-YuanSCSBTWTP054
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNan Kan BranchTao-YuanSCSBTWTP061
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheGuan Yin BranchTao-YuanSCSBTWTP073
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheNorth Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanSCSBTWTP074
Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank, Ltd., TheYilan BranchYilanSCSBTWTP065
Share Long Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSHLUTWT1XXX
Shei Ching Securities Co Ltd-Miao LiSHCSTWT1XXX
Sheng Fa Securities Co Ltd-ChunghuaSHESTWT1XXX
Sheng Hoh Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSHHCTWT1XXX
Shih Ling Securities Co Ltd-YunlinSHLRTWT1XXX
Shin Fan Securities Co., Ltd.-ChiayiSHFCTWT1XXX
Shin Fong Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSHFUTWT1XXX
Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-TaipeiSKLITWTPXXX
Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-TaipeiSKLITWT1XXX
Shin Lung Securities Co Ltd-KeelungSHLITWT1XXX
Shin Ying Securities Co Ltd-TainanSHYSTWT1XXX
Shinhong Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSHNSTWT1XXX
Sing Hau Securities Co Ltd-YunlinSIHSTWT1XXX
Sino-Japan Securities Co., Ltd-TaipeiSIJSTWT1XXX
Sinopac Securities Corporation-TaipeiSNPSTWTPXXX
Societe Generale, Taipei Branch-TaipeiSOGETWTPXXX
Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) LimitedCustodial Service DepartmentTaipeiSCBLTWTPCUS
Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiSCBLTWTPXXX
Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) LimitedOpics - Fmo Fx/MmTaipeiSCBLTWT1FMO
Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) LimitedTw ImexDtp/Otp-Trade PaymentsTaipeiSCBLTWT1TRD
Standard Chartered Bank, Taipei Branch-TaipeiSCBLTWTXXXX
State Street Bank And Trust Company-TaipeiSBOSTWTPXXX
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Taipei Branch-TaipeiSMBCTWTPXXX
Sun Do Securities Co Ltd-TainanSUNCTWT1XXX
Sun Young Securities Co Ltd-TainanSUYSTWT1XXX
Sun-Fund Securities Ltd-TaipeiSFSETWT1XXX
Sunny Bank LtdLinsen BranchHsinchuSUNYTWTP081
Sunny Bank LtdKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungSUNYTWTP061
Sunny Bank LtdHsin Hsing BranchKaohsiungSUNYTWTP082
Sunny Bank LtdSih Wei BranchKaohsiungSUNYTWTP086
Sunny Bank LtdLiwen BranchKaohsiungSUNYTWTP095
Sunny Bank Ltd-New Taipei CitySUNYTWTP026
Sunny Bank Ltd-New Taipei CitySUNYTWTP032
Sunny Bank LtdPanchiao BranchPanchiaoSUNYTWTP027
Sunny Bank LtdTaichung BranchTaichungSUNYTWTP076
Sunny Bank LtdJong-Hwa BranchTainanSUNYTWTP062
Sunny Bank LtdBusiness DepartmentTaipeiSUNYTWTP001
Sunny Bank LtdShih Pai BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP002
Sunny Bank Ltd-TaipeiSUNYTWTP007
Sunny Bank LtdShe Tzu BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP008
Sunny Bank LtdChen Kung BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP013
Sunny Bank LtdMucha BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP017
Sunny Bank LtdChungshing BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP021
Sunny Bank Ltd-TaipeiSUNYTWTP022
Sunny Bank LtdChungho BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP023
Sunny Bank Ltd-TaipeiSUNYTWTP037
Sunny Bank LtdNei Hu BranchTaipeiSUNYTWTP078
Sunny Bank Ltd-TaipeiSUNYTWTPXXX
Sunny Bank LtdTaoyuan BranchTao-YuanSUNYTWTP038
Sunny Bank LtdYung Ho BranchYunghoSUNYTWTP025
Sunpont Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSUNRTWT1XXX
Sunrise Securities Co., Ltd.-TainanSUNTTWT1XXX
Sunrise Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiSUNTTWT10TP
T.W. Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiTWSETWT1XXX
Ta Chiang Securities Corp-TaipeiCHIETWT1XXX
Ta Ching Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiCHICTWT1XXX
Ta Chung Ho Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiCHUCTWT1XXX
Ta Fu Securities Co Ltd-TainanTAFUTWT1XXX
Ta Sheng Securities Co Ltd-TaichungSHEETWT1XXX
Ta Shing Securities Co Ltd-I-LanSHIITWT1XXX
Ta Yun Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiYUNETWT1XXX
Ta-Tung Securities Co Ltd-TainanTUNCTWT1XXX
Tachan Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiCHAETWT1XXX
Tah Shin Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiTASSTWT1XXX
Tai An Securities Co., Ltd.-TaichungTIISTWT1XXX
Tai Chin Securities Co. Ltd.-Tao-YuanTACCTWT1XXX
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Lukang BranchChanghuaTCBBTWTH062
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Changhua BranchChunghuaTCBBTWTH061
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.East Fengyuan BranchFengyuanTCBBTWTH047
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Homei BranchHomeiTCBBTWTH068
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Hsinchu BranchHsinchuTCBBTWTH134
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungTCBBTWTH103
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Ban Ciau BranchNew Taipei CityTCBBTWTH118
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Business DepartmentTaichungTCBBTWTH010
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.West Taichung BranchTaichungTCBBTWTH015
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Nantun BranchTaichungTCBBTWTH022
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Shalu BranchTaichungTCBBTWTH044
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Peitun BranchTaichungTCBBTWTH087
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.-TaichungTCBBTWTHXXX
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Daya BranchTaichungTCBBTWTH038
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Tachia BranchTaichungTCBBTWTH042
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Trust Dept.TaichungTCBBTWTH209
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Treasury Dept.TaichungTCBBTWTH210
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Treasury Marketing Dept.TaichungTCBBTWTHTMU
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Yongkang BranchTainanTCBBTWTH130
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Taipei BranchTaipeiTCBBTWTH092
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Sung Shan BranchTaipeiTCBBTWTH101
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Fuxing BranchTaipeiTCBBTWTH147
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanTCBBTWTH129
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Tsaotun BranchTsaotunTCBBTWTH055
Taichung Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.Yuanlin BranchYuan-LinTCBBTWTH067
Tainan Securities Co Ltd.-TainanTANETWT1XXX
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdHsinchu BranchHsinchuTPBKTWTP725
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdHsinchuang BranchHsinchuangTPBKTWTP672
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdKangtu BranchKaohsiungTPBKTWTP660
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungTPBKTWTP705
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdPuqian BranchNew Taipei CityTPBKTWTP677
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdPanchiao BranchPanchiaoTPBKTWTP721
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChungkang BranchTaichungTPBKTWTP671
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTaichung BranchTaichungTPBKTWTP707
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdShi Zheng BranchTaichungTPBKTWTP770
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTainan BranchTainanTPBKTWTP674
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdDongning BranchTainanTPBKTWTP711
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdBusiness DepartmentTaipeiTPBKTWTP200
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChengtung BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP220
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTrust DepartmentTaipeiTPBKTWTP250
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdShihlin BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP300
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChunghsiao BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP305
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdYenping BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP310
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdPate BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP340
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChungshan BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP350
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdPeitou BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP360
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTaan BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP370
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTatung BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP380
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChiencheng BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP410
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdNankang BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP420
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChingmei BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP430
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdNeihu BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP440
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdMinsheng BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP454
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdHsinyi BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP460
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdDongmen BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP462
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdSungchiang BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP470
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdHoping BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP480
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdNanmen BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP510
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdHsisung BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP530
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP560
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTunho BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP570
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdLinyi BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP580
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdChunglun BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP590
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdKeelung Road BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP600
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdShida BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP610
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdYongchun BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP620
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdJenai BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP704
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdAnho BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP715
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdFinancial Markets GroupTaipeiTPBKTWTPFMG
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd-TaipeiTPBKTWTPXXX
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTunhua BranchTaipeiTPBKTWTP450
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdTaoyuan BranchTao-YuanTPBKTWTP673
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., LtdZhongzheng BranchTao-YuanTPBKTWTP706
Taipei Star BankTreasury DepartmentTaipeiBOTPTWTP002
Taipei Star Bank-TaipeiBOTPTWTPXXX
Taipei Star Bank-TaipeiBOTPTWTPOBU
Taishin International BankGuandongciao BranchHsinchuTSIBTWTP100
Taishin International BankLinya BranchKaohsiungTSIBTWTP015
Taishin International BankTaichung BranchTaichungTSIBTWTP007
Taishin International BankNantun BranchTaichungTSIBTWTP054
Taishin International BankShifu BranchTaichungTSIBTWTP105
Taishin International BankTainan BranchTainanTSIBTWTP010
Taishin International BankDunnan BranchTaipeiTSIBTWTP002
Taishin International BankChen Tong BranchTaipeiTSIBTWTP003
Taishin International BankNanking E. Road BranchTaipeiTSIBTWTP011
Taishin International BankObu BranchTaipeiTSIBTWTP019
Taishin International Bank-TaipeiTSIBTWTPXXX
Taishin International BankKeelung Rd. BranchTaipeiTSIBTWTP073
Taiwan Business BankMing HsiungChai YiMBBTTWTP681
Taiwan Business BankHo MeiChang Hwa HsienMBBTTWTP541
Taiwan Business BankChanghua BranchChanghuaMBBTTWTP540
Taiwan Business BankYuan Lin BranchChanghuaMBBTTWTP550
Taiwan Business BankPei TouChanghuaMBBTTWTP560
Taiwan Business BankErh LinChanghuaMBBTTWTP561
Taiwan Business BankChiayi BranchChiayiMBBTTWTP680
Taiwan Business BankJia SinChiayiMBBTTWTP686
Taiwan Business BankChungli BranchChungliMBBTTWTP310
Taiwan Business BankFengyuan BranchFengyuanMBBTTWTP460
Taiwan Business BankHu KouHsinchuMBBTTWTP291
Taiwan Business BankHsinchu BranchHsinchuMBBTTWTP320
Taiwan Business BankChu Pei BranchHsinchuMBBTTWTP321
Taiwan Business BankHsinchu Science Based Industrial Park BranchHsinchuMBBTTWTP322
Taiwan Business BankChu TungHsinchuMBBTTWTP340
Taiwan Business BankHsin Chuang BranchHsinchuangMBBTTWTP026
Taiwan Business BankHwa ChengHsinchuangMBBTTWTP027
Taiwan Business BankHua Lien BranchHualienMBBTTWTP760
Taiwan Business BankI LanI-LanMBBTTWTP160
Taiwan Business BankKang-Shan BranchKang ShanMBBTTWTP830
Taiwan Business BankJen TaKaohsiungMBBTTWTP012
Taiwan Business BankEast-Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungMBBTTWTP820
Taiwan Business BankNorth Feng ShanKaohsiungMBBTTWTP840
Taiwan Business BankLing YaKaohsiungMBBTTWTP841
Taiwan Business BankKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungMBBTTWTP850
Taiwan Business BankNorth KaohsiungKaohsiungMBBTTWTP851
Taiwan Business BankChien ChenKaohsiungMBBTTWTP853
Taiwan Business BankJeou-Ru BranchKaohsiungMBBTTWTP860
Taiwan Business BankTa FaKaohsiungMBBTTWTP881
Taiwan Business BankXiao GangKaohsiungMBBTTWTP891
Taiwan Business BankSan MingKaohsiungMBBTTWTP870
Taiwan Business BankKinmenKinmenMBBTTWTP009
Taiwan Business BankChu NanMiao LiMBBTTWTP350
Taiwan Business BankTou Fen BranchMiao LiMBBTTWTP351
Taiwan Business BankMaio LiMiao LiMBBTTWTP360
Taiwan Business BankNan TouNan TouMBBTTWTP510
Taiwan Business BankTsao TuenNan TouMBBTTWTP511
Taiwan Business BankChu ShanNan TouMBBTTWTP530
Taiwan Business BankChung HoNew TaipeiMBBTTWTP002
Taiwan Business BankYung HoNew Taipei CityMBBTTWTP024
Taiwan Business BankShuang HoNew Taipei CityMBBTTWTP121
Taiwan Business BankPu ChyaNew Taipei CityMBBTTWTP151
Taiwan Business BankLu ChowNew Taipei CityMBBTTWTP154
Taiwan Business BankSan XiaNew Taipei CityMBBTTWTP148
Taiwan Business BankNorth San ChungSanchungMBBTTWTP152
Taiwan Business BankSouth San Chung BranchSanchungMBBTTWTP153
Taiwan Business BankHwei LongSinjhuangMBBTTWTP143
Taiwan Business BankSi Tuen BranchTaichungMBBTTWTP006
Taiwan Business BankChung MinTaichungMBBTTWTP007
Taiwan Business BankTai-Ping BranchTaichungMBBTTWTP470
Taiwan Business BankSha LuTaichungMBBTTWTP482
Taiwan Business BankWu JihTaichungMBBTTWTP483
Taiwan Business BankMin-Chen BranchTaichungMBBTTWTP491
Taiwan Business BankHsing ChungTaichungMBBTTWTP500
Taiwan Business BankPei TuenTaichungMBBTTWTP501
Taiwan Business BankTan Tze BranchTaichungMBBTTWTP521
Taiwan Business BankTa Ya BranchTaichungMBBTTWTP011
Taiwan Business BankTa ChiaTaichungMBBTTWTP480
Taiwan Business BankTaichung BranchTaichungMBBTTWTP490
Taiwan Business BankHsin YingTainanMBBTTWTP690
Taiwan Business BankKai YuanTainanMBBTTWTP691
Taiwan Business BankShiue ChiaTainanMBBTTWTP701
Taiwan Business BankShan HwaTainanMBBTTWTP702
Taiwan Business BankYung TaTainanMBBTTWTP703
Taiwan Business BankTainan BranchTainanMBBTTWTP710
Taiwan Business BankJen Te BranchTainanMBBTTWTP711
Taiwan Business BankCheng-Kung BranchTainanMBBTTWTP720
Taiwan Business BankEast TainanTainanMBBTTWTP721
Taiwan Business BankAn Ping BranchTainanMBBTTWTP730
Taiwan Business BankChi-Lin BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP001
Taiwan Business BankBanking DepartmentTaipeiMBBTTWTP010
Taiwan Business BankJen-Ai BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP020
Taiwan Business BankSung-Shan BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP021
Taiwan Business BankChien-Cheng BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP022
Taiwan Business BankShih LinTaipeiMBBTTWTP023
Taiwan Business BankHsin Tien BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP025
Taiwan Business BankSung Chiang BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP040
Taiwan Business BankTaipei BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP050
Taiwan Business BankWan HuaTaipeiMBBTTWTP060
Taiwan Business BankSouth TaipeiTaipeiMBBTTWTP061
Taiwan Business BankFu-Hsing BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP070
Taiwan Business BankChung-Shan BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP080
Taiwan Business BankChien-Kuo BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP081
Taiwan Business BankNai Hu BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP082
Taiwan Business BankNan-King-East-Road BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP090
Taiwan Business BankChung Hsiao BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP100
Taiwan Business BankEast-Taipei BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP101
Taiwan Business BankYung-Chi BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP102
Taiwan Business BankYung TrinTaipeiMBBTTWTP103
Taiwan Business BankNan Kang BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP105
Taiwan Business BankDong HuTaipeiMBBTTWTP111
Taiwan Business BankTa-An BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP120
Taiwan Business BankJim HoTaipeiMBBTTWTP122
Taiwan Business BankWu-Ku BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP130
Taiwan Business BankLin-Kuo BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP131
Taiwan Business BankPan-Chiao BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP140
Taiwan Business BankShu Lin BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP141
Taiwan Business BankTu Cheng BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP142
Taiwan Business BankHsi Chih BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP144
Taiwan Business BankOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP893
Taiwan Business Bank-TaipeiMBBTTWTPXXX
Taiwan Business BankSung Nan BranchTaipeiMBBTTWTP110
Taiwan Business BankNorth Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanMBBTTWTP004
Taiwan Business BankNan Can BranchTao-YuanMBBTTWTP005
Taiwan Business BankYang MeiTao-YuanMBBTTWTP290
Taiwan Business BankTao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanMBBTTWTP300
Taiwan Business BankTa Yuan BranchTao-YuanMBBTTWTP301
Taiwan Business BankTa ShiTao-YuanMBBTTWTP302
Taiwan Business BankNei Li BranchTao-YuanMBBTTWTP311
Taiwan Business BankHsin MingTao-YuanMBBTTWTP312
Taiwan Business BankEast TaoyuanTao-YuanMBBTTWTP313
Taiwan Business BankLuong TanTao-YuanMBBTTWTP332
Taiwan Business BankPa TeTao-YuanMBBTTWTP330
Taiwan Business BankEast Lin KouTao-YuanMBBTTWTP132
Taiwan Business BankYun Kang BranchYung KangMBBTTWTP700
Taiwan Business BankTou LiuYunlinMBBTTWTP660
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBanciao BranchBanciaoTACBTWTP011
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdChanghua BranchChanghuaTACBTWTP023
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdYuansin BranchChanghuaTACBTWTP560
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdChiayi BranchChiayiTACBTWTP028
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDong Chiayi BranchChiayiTACBTWTP584
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDali BranchDaliTACBTWTP102
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdFongshan BranchFengshanTACBTWTP032
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdFongjhong BranchFongyuanTACBTWTP554
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdHsinchu BranchHsinchuTACBTWTP017
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBei Hsinchu BranchHsinchuTACBTWTP124
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhubei BranchHsinchuTACBTWTP131
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhucian BranchHsinchuTACBTWTP563
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdHsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park BranchHsinchuTACBTWTP564
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhudong BraHsinchuTACBTWTP065
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdGuangfu BranchHsinchuTACBTWTP157
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdShuanghe BranchJhongheTACBTWTP144
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdLisin BranchJhongliTACBTWTP544
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDong Jhubei BranchJhubeiTACBTWTP551
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdGangshan BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP033
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP034
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSiande BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP035
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSanmin BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP059
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdWannei BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP128
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdKaohsiung Software Park BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP352
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdGangdu BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP524
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdCisian BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP525
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdShihcyuan BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP527
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdCianjhen BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTPAAB
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdLujhu BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTPAAC
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdGuanghua BranchKaohsiungTACBTWTP146
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdMiaoli BranchMiao LiTACBTWTP018
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNantou BranchNantouTACBTWTP025
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSanchong BranchNew Taipei CityTACBTWTP010
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSinjhuang BranchNew Taipei CityTACBTWTP049
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhonghe BranchNew Taipei CityTACBTWTP062
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBansin BranchNew Taipei CityTACBTWTP531
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdWugu Industrial Park BranchNew Taipei CityTACBTWTP540
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdPingnan BranchPingtungTACBTWTP122
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNan Sanchong BranchSanchungTACBTWTP532
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNan Sijhih BranchSijhihTACBTWTP538
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBaociao BranchSindianTACBTWTP535
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDong Sinjhuang BranchSinjhuangTACBTWTP098
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSintai BranchSinjhuangTACBTWTP536
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdFongyuan BranchTaichungTACBTWTP020
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdShalu BranchTaichungTACBTWTP021
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdTaichung BranchTaichungTACBTWTP022
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdWucyuan BranchTaichungTACBTWTP069
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNan Taichung BranchTaichungTACBTWTP107
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSinjhong BranchTaichungTACBTWTP516
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhonggang BranchTaichungTACBTWTP517
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhongsing BranchTaichungTACBTWTP050
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdTainan BranchTainanTACBTWTP030
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdYongkang BranchTainanTACBTWTP153
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdChihkan BranchTainanTACBTWTP521
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdRende BranchTainanTACBTWTP570
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdChenggong BranchTainanTACBTWTP031
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdGuancian BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP002
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdYanping BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP004
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNanjing Donglu BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP041
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDatong BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP043
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhongsiao BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP045
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdTaipei BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP054
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBusiness DepartmentTaipeiTACBTWTP056
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdChengdong BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP060
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDong SanchongTaipeiTACBTWTP067
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDa-An BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP076
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdMincyuan BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP077
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSinyi BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP083
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdRen-Ai BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP085
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdChang An BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP088
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdMinzu BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP090
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdFusing BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP091
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdMinsheng BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP093
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSongjiang BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP095
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdOffshore Banking BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP106
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNeihu BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP156
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdErchong BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP158
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdZihciang BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP501
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdJhongshan BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP502
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDunnan BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP503
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdWorld Trade Center BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP505
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBei Shihlin BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP508
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdSihu BranchTaipeiTACBTWTP510
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdWujhou BranchTaipeiTACBTWTPAAA
Taiwan Cooperative Bank Ltd-TaipeiTACBTWTPXXX
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdTao-Yuan BranchTao-YuanTACBTWTP015
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdDong Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanTACBTWTP543
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdNankan BranchTao-YuanTACBTWTP545
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdTucheng BranchTuchengTACBTWTP145
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdBei Luodong BranchYilanTACBTWTP541
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdYuanlin BranchYuan-LinTACBTWTP024
Taiwan Cooperative Bank LtdYunlin BranchYuan-LinTACBTWTP566
Taiwan Depository Clearing Corporation-TaipeiTDCCTWTPXXX
Taiwan Depository Clearing Corporation-TaipeiTDCCTWTP001
Taiwan Depository Clearing Corporation-TaipeiTDCCTWTP002
Taiwan Development Corporation-TaipeiTADETWT1XXX
Taiwan International Mercantile Exchange Corp-TaipeiXIMETWT1XXX
Taiwan International Securities Corp-TaipeiTAIETWT1XXX
Taiwan International Securities CorpShilin BranchTaipeiTAIETWT1SHI
Taiwan Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiTAICTWT1XXX
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd-TaipeiSKBKTWT1XXX
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ba De BranchBa De CityMKTBTWTP596
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Sin Pu BranchBanciaoMKTBTWTP338
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Changhua BranchChanghuaMKTBTWTP444
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chiayi BranchChiayiMKTBTWTP620
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Feng Yuan BranchFengyuanMKTBTWTP930
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsin Chu BranchHsinchuMKTBTWTP213
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Hsin Tien BranchHsintienMKTBTWTP569
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Jhongli BranchJhongliMKTBTWTP222
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Feng Shan BranchKaohsiungMKTBTWTP648
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.North Kaohsiung BranchKaohsiungMKTBTWTP806
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chi Hsien BranchKaohsiungMKTBTWTP985
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Ping Tung BranchPingtungMKTBTWTP958
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Dan Feng BranchSinjhuangMKTBTWTP505
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taichung BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP347
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chung Kang BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP356
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Da Dun BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP383
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Da Li BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP426
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chung Hwa BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP833
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Siang Shang BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP912
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Shih Chia BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP921
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Sha Lu BranchTaichungMKTBTWTP106
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.East Tainan BranchTainanMKTBTWTP417
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Tainan BranchTainanMKTBTWTP657
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Dong Taipei BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP028
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nan Dong BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP110
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Cheng Nei BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP116
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Song-An BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP134
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chin Cheng BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP143
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nei Hu BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP152
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Nan Gang BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP189
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Business DepartmentTaipeiMKTBTWTP499
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taipei Foreign Exchange Processing UnitTaipeiMKTBTWTP523
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Chang An BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP611
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Cheng De BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP842
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Dun Nan BranchTaipeiMKTBTWTP851
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Offshore Banking UnitTaipeiMKTBTWTPOBU
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiMKTBTWTPXXX
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Taoyuan BranchTao-YuanMKTBTWTP231
Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.Yuanlin BranchYuan-LinMKTBTWTP392
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation-TaipeiXTAITWT1XXX
Tao Yuan Securities Co. Ltd.-Tao-YuanTAYETWT1XXX
Taya Securities Co Ltd.-TainanTAYCTWT1XXX
Tayuan Securities Co Ltd.-TaipeiTAYUTWT1XXX
Ten Jen Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiTEJSTWT1XXX
Ten Lie Securities Corp.-KaohsiungTELSTWT1XXX
Ten Yo Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiTENSTWT1XXX
The Bank of East Asia Limited, Taipei BranchTaipeiBEASTWTPXXX
The Bank of New York Mellon, Taipei Branch-TaipeiIRVTTWTXXXX
The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.Obu BranchTaipeiHSBCTW2POBU
The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.-TaipeiHSBCTW2PXXX
The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited-TaipeiSBZATWT1XXX
The Sun Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiSUNSTWT1XXX
The Toronto-Dominion Bank-TaipeiTDOMTWT1XXX
Ting Fa Securities Co. Ltd.-TaichungTINETWT1XXX
Ting Kong Integrated Sec Co Ltd-TaipeiTKIETWT1XXX
Ting Kong International Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiTKISTWT1XXX
Ting Shing Sec. Co. Ltd.-PingtungTINHTWT1XXX
Ting Tai Sec. Co. Ltd.-PingtungTINTTWT1XXX
Tong Shing Securities Co., Ltd.-KaohsiungTONSTWT1XXX
Tong Tay Sec. Co. Ltd.-KaohsiungTONTTWT1XXX
Top Securities-KaohsiungTOPPTWT1XXX
Top Securities Co. Ltd.-KaohsiungTOPSTWT1XXX
Torng Dah Sec. Co. Ltd.-KaohsiungTORDTWT1XXX
Tung San Sec. Co Ltd.-TaitungTUNNTWT1XXX
Typhone Securities Co Ltd.-TaipeiTYPHTWT1XXX
Tzoong Fwu Sec. Co Ltd.-NantouTZOFTWT1XXX
UBS AG Taipei Branch-TaipeiUBSWTWTPXXX
UBS Asset Management (Taiwan) Ltd-TaipeiUBSATWTPXXX
UBS Securities Pte. Ltd. Taipei Branch-TaipeiUBSWTW21XXX
Union Bank of TaiwanKaohsiung BranchKaohsiungUBOTTWTP010
Union Bank of TaiwanMinchuan BranchTaichungUBOTTWTP062
Union Bank of TaiwanTaipei BranchTaipeiUBOTTWTP001
Union Bank of TaiwanNanking East Road BranchTaipeiUBOTTWTP005
Union Bank of TaiwanTrust DepartmentTaipeiUBOTTWTP008
Union Bank of TaiwanEast Taipei BranchTaipeiUBOTTWTP009
Union Bank of Taiwan-TaipeiUBOTTWTPXXX
Union Bank of TaiwanTaoyuan BranchTao-YuanUBOTTWTP003
Unite And Prosper Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiUNTPTWT1XXX
United Overseas Bank Limited-TaipeiUOVBTWTPXXX
United Overseas Bank LimitedTransaction BankingTaipeiUOVBTWTPCMS
United Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiUNIITWT1XXX
Universal Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiUNVETWT1XXX
W.I. Carr (Taiwan) Limited-TaipeiWICATWT1XXX
Wall Street Sec. Co Ltd.-TaichungWALTTWT1XXX
Wan Sheng Securities Co. Ltd.-TaipeiWSSETWT1XXX
Wan Tai Securities Co Ltd-ChiayiWATSTWT1XXX
Wanshing Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiWANSTWT1XXX
Waterland Securities Co. Ltd-TaipeiWSERTWT1XXX
Wealth Securities Inc-TaipeiWEASTWT1XXX
Well-Phone Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiWEPWTWT1XXX
Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Taipei Branch-TaipeiWFBITWT1XXX
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Taipei Branch-TaipeiPNBPTWTPXXX
Winner Securities Co., Ltd.-ChungliWINRTWT1XXX
Worldsec Capital Management Inc.-TaipeiWCCMTWT1XXX
Worldwide Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiWORSTWT1XXX
Wu Gou Securities Co Ltd-ChanghuaGOUETWT1XXX
Yang-Fa Securities Co Ltd-TaichungYANSTWT1XXX
Ying Yi Securities Co., Ltd.-KaohsiungYINSTWT1XXX
Young Ming Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiYOMSTWT1XXX
Yu Li Securities Co Ltd-ChanghuaYULITWT1XXX
Yuan Tung Securities Co Ltd.-KaohsiungYUTSTWT1XXX
Yuan-Lin Securities Co Ltd-ChanghuaYULSTWT1XXX
Yuanta Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.-TaipeiAPBKTWTHXXX
Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd.Institutional GroupTaipeiYUTATWTP168
Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd.Fixed Income Dept.TaipeiYUTATWTP888
Yuanta Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiYUTATWTPXXX
Yuanta Securities Company Limited-TaipeiYCPSTWT1XXX
Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd.-TaipeiYSITTWT1XXX
Yung Chong Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiYUCSTWT1XXX
Yung Chuan Securities Co., Ltd.-Tao-YuanYUCETWT1XXX
Yung Li Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiYUNSTWT1XXX
Yung Sheng Securities Co Ltd-TaipeiYUSETWT1XXX
Yung Shin Securities Co., Ltd.-TaipeiYUSCTWT1XXX

Source: Bank Code

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Last updated: 2020-04-22