Sailor Moon fans are fans for life, right? No matter if you are a child or an adult, among the many Sailor Moon girls there is always one that resonates with you.

Sailor Moon manga and anime have been with us for a long time already. But there is always something new to excite a real Sailor Moon fan!

For instance, there are always new collaboration products, not only in Japan – the birthplace of Sailor Moon – but also in Taiwan. In fact, there are many Taiwan-only goods, so it is a great, yet less well known place to dig for treasures! What kind of products can you expect? Let’s take a look!

Easy Card “Moon Scepter”

If you have ever traveled to Taiwan, you will be familiar with the so-called EasyCard. It an IC card for traveling on the subway, similar to the Suica/Pasmo cards in Tokyo, Octopus card in London or Oyster card in Hong Kong. You tap it at the entry gates of the subway station or inside a bus, but you can also make small purchases at convenience stores in Taiwan.

Now this IC card has been released in form of a Sailor Moon Moonlight Wand! I can’t wait to see everyone use it at the station!

Although you might not be able to use it abroad, why not prepare for your future trip to Taipei? Of course, it also makes the perfect collector item, as it’s only available in Taiwan.

In fact, there have been 2019 and 2021 editions which are also still available. The following two shapes are the “Moonlight Box” EasyCard for 2019 and the “Moonlight Scepter” EasyCard for 2021, both of which are still available for purchase.

Sailor Moon Easycard 2019 Edition
Sailor Moon Easycard 2019 Edition
Image source:

Unfortunately, the pre-order sale for this newly launched “Moon Scepter” EasyCard in 2022 has already finished in January. However, we can still help you get this collector item. If you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you better grab it fast!

Sailor Moon Easycard 2022 Edition
Image source: Momo Shop

Sailor Moon Mobile Phone Accessories and Electronics

Next, let me introduce another treasure trove!

Miravivi is a Taiwanese brand that specializes in selling mobile phone accessories, peripheral accessories and small lifestyle items. Because it has the distribution rights of the Sailor Moon brand in Taiwan, it also produces many Sailor Moon co-branded products.

Some highlights are these cute Sailor Moon power banks, bluetooth speakers and portable cutlery set (from left to right).

Image source: Miravivi

Where to buy:
Miravivi Shop on Rakuten
Miravivi Shop on Shopee

If you need help buying from Taiwanese online shops, check out the Two Tree Team Shopping Service!

Shoes, masks and umbrellas

Another interesting brand that creates Sailor Moon-themed items is Gracegift, which originally started as a shoe brand. Their products are cute and fashionable, so they are very popular among Taiwanese girls.

There are too many different co-branded with Sailor Moon shoes to mention; from sneakers, canvas shoes and rain boots, to high heels, sandals and more. In addition to shoes, the Sailor Moon face masks from Gracegift are also a must-buy for hardcore fans. And before I forget to mention it; they actually even sell Sailor Moon-themed clothes!

Image source: Gracegift

If you’re not just a Sailor Moon fan, but also a fan of Disney or Harry Potter characters, you may also find some exciting merchandise here.

Where to buy:
Gracegift on Yahoo Mall
Gracegift on Momo Shop
Gracegift on Shopee

Sailor Moon Glasses

JINS is a well-known eyeglass chain store in Japan and Taiwan. The glasses jointly launched by JINS and BANDAI are a must-see collection item for Sailor Moon fans!

Not only are there frames designed according to the styles of different Sailor Moon members; there are also plenty of adorable extra accessories such as cases and pouches! Of course, they are also available in Taiwan now.

Image source: JINS Taiwan

Where to buy:
JINS on Shopee
JINS on Momo Shop
JINS on Yahoo Mall

Of course, you can find a lot more Sailor Moon items than the ones introduced here; just search for the keywords “美少女戰士聯名” on Taiwanese shopping sites (see list below) and you can find many unexpected products. Last time I searched I found things like shampoo, sanitary napkins, notebooks, candy, etc.

If some products cannot be shipped directly overseas, you are always welcome to use the Two Tree Team purchasing service!

Shopee Taiwan
Ruten Auctions
Momo Shop
PChome 24h Shopping
Yahoo Shopping
Rakuten Taiwan
just to name a few…!

Image source: Momo Shop

Image source: Pinkoi

Image source: Shopee Taiwan